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Hi, I am Vidhya Chandrasekaran, a hardcore foodie from Chennai. This is a small space where I share my passion about food. I was not a great cook. Ask V(my husband), he'll say "Still u r not" :). In fact, i didn't do much cooking even after marriage. Only after junior was born, i left my job and started learning ABC's in the kitchen. Like cooking, eating out often started after marriage. Born and bought up as a tambram, who was allowed to eat eggs, didn't have much opportunities in trying various cuisines other than South Indian, to be more precise Tamil cuisine and a rough intro to the North Indian cuisine (Yeah, the same roti, butter naan and paneer butter masala). V was the one who introduced me to mexican and thai after marriage. From then on, my thirst for trying out different cuisines is never quenched :)

This place is all about food from various places and restaurants. I'm not a food critic. I just share my views/experiences about the places I visit. I keep my views honest and writing simple. I love to capture food in different angles. I'm still in the learning mode and hope that will start taking amazing photos one day. 

I do not get paid for writing reviews. I pay for my food most of the times. I do get invited to restaurants now and then as a part of bloggers meet or tasting session. All those on the house meals are compiled under the "Food Bloggers Meet" category. Also I mention that explicitly in the post. My choice and taste may vary from yours. So don't go in blindly based on my suggestions. Also note that not every place runs like the same everyday.

Thanks for dropping by.


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  1. கலக்குங்க. ஆவலுடன் எதிர்பார்க்கிறோம்.

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  3. You have a great blog here. You seem to have most of chennai covered. I know where to look if I want to eat out. Thank you. Your blog is super informative and your writing simple and honest. I came across your blog on chennai bloggers page I am glad I did.

    1. Hey Jayanthi
      Thanks a lot for those lovely words. Keep coming back and keep the support going.

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