Cupcakes Amore

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy cupcakes..

I love cupcakes. Now who doesn't :) This place tucked away from the busy road, a calm place surrounded with trees. I have been a regular to this place rite from the time they started. They have a very good variety of cupcakes to choose from. I love their pretty strawberry, fresh lemon, black forest and the berry filled ones. The cupcakes are soft, with rite amount of sweetness and icing.

They have three types of cookies. Chewy choco chip, chocolate 4play and oatmeal and raisin cookies. The choco chip cookies are just yumm. On the savory part they have quiches, sandwiches and pizzas. The egg salad sandwich is delicious and so are the quiches. The quiches are very flavorful and very filling. The pizzas are too small and not that gr8.

And regarding the beverages, the peppermint drink is a must try. South Indian filter coffee. Sorry. For a person who literally grew with filter coffees, this thing cannot be considered as filter coffee. The hot chocolate is so so, tasting more like hot cocoa and not chocolate :O

Finally, the price part. This place is very pricey for the quantity. When they started the prices were like 70, 80 and 90 bucks for classic, special and premiums respectively. But now its like 130 bucks for a premium cupcake, which vanishes in 2 bites (close to 5 seconds). The cookies costs 70 bucks each and the peppermint drink is now 50 (it was 30 earlier).

To sum it up good variety, decent taste but very pricey stuffs. What i'd like to see is a major improvement in the size or a drop in the prices :)

Place : Cupcakes Amore
Location : Adayar (Take the left next to Ramkay TVS, in SP road, and this place comes in the 3rd right)
Price : Cupcakes starts from Rs. 90 a drink at Rs.50.

P.S : All opinions are based on personal experience only. This write up is based on multiple visits.

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Maqs Barbecue N Biriyani

Regrets are about decisions that you know you should have done different - Unknown

How true it is. We made on such decision for a Sunday dinner, which I regret a lot. When we are confused over choices, we tend to make mistakes na. We were discussing on Lloyds tea house, Hola, Cascade and Wangs for dinner. All of a sudden saw this board on L.B.Road. The husband was already hooked by AB's and we got fooled by the name.

Located on L.B.Road, Adyar, this place is beautifully done. Spacious and standing on two floors. But the food? Ahhhhhhhh. Disappointment and disaster :( We settled for the buffet spread. None of the items were good in the spread. The soup was too tangy and peppery. The starters garlic chicken, chilli chicken (both on the spread) and prawn, fish and chicken on the skewers were below average. The prawn was overcooked and tough, fish was tasteless and all the poultry was so so. The veg starter gobi 65 was ok. Veg skewers was so so. The green chutney was sour and watery.

Moving on to the main course. They had chicken biriyani, steamed rice, rasam, chicken and mutton gravy. The biriyani was below average with elaichi flavour dominating. But the meat in the biriyani was soft and juicy (saving grace). The mutton gravy was good and paired well with the steamed rice. Again the raitha was sour and way too watery. When inquired about the breads, the staff had no idea whether roti/naan is served on the table. They said they'll check and let us know. But it took forever for them to do so :(

There was just four bowls on the desserts table. A burnt caramel custard, past carrot halwa and a thick pudding like semiya payasam which definitely needed more sugar :(

Overall a very bad experience with food. Not worth the money. Just 50rs more you get a stunning n delicious spread at Absolute Barbecue. Will I go there again? Dont think so :(

Place : Maqs Barbecue N Biriyani
Location : L.B.Road, Adyar (Opposite to HDFC Bank, near adyar bus depot signal)
Cost - 600 for non-veg buffet and 500 for veg.

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If you ask me for one place that never disappoints me in Chennai, I'll say Spoonbill without giving a thought. I've been to these place umpteen times and it has never let me down. Situated in one of Chennai's busiest road, ttk road, Alwarpet, Spoonbill serves an array of street foods from all over the world. For a typical South Indian like me, street foods are always fascinating. From bajji to sundal, vadai to avicha kadalai (steamed peanuts), Pori to pattani I simply love street foods. There's no surprise I love it even more when it takes an international form :)

A menu with good choice of street foods from Germany, France, Chinese, Mediterranean and it goes on. Like all other self service restaurants, you've to pay for your food first. Then comes the interesting part. They give you a pager along with your bill. And once your food is ready, the pager buzzes. How cool huh? You don't have to wait near the counter for ages, drooling on the food plates handed to somebody else, thinking "Mera number kab aayega" :D

I like the German currywurst (chicken), chicken tawa kebab, tortilla espanola (a spanish omelette) and the doner kebab salad. I keep repeating the above said items on a rotation :)

I've also tried their dimsums, empanadas and piadina. They are average in taste. As I've mentioned earlier, it is very hard to convince hubby to try a new place. It happened with this place also. But he loved the veg burritos here and got hooked to it. From then on, his order never changes other than this :)

Their sweet crepes, particularly the custard filled ones are absolutely divine. They also have waffles and pancakes which tastes great.

Place : Spoonbill
Location : TTK road, Alwarpet
Cuisine : Street foods, Veg and Non veg
Cost : A meal for two may cost around 700-800 bucks

P.S : The review is based on personal experience only.

*This review is based on collective experiences/multiple visits.

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Get Set Grill Drill N Drool - Absolute Barbecue

There are somethings in the world, you wait for a long time to get your hands on. But when you do it, you feel "Oh! worth waiting for". Absolute Barbecue was one such thing for me. Had dinner here yesterday. Birthday dinner. Only that it was a week after the birthday :P

A lot of positive reviews were floating around this place. The only thing that set me back was the reservation. People said that, you got to reserve a week before and if you do walk in you got to wait for 45mins to an hour or so to get the table. I was like What?? Seriously?? Thought that let the excitement on the new place die, I'll step in later. When I called up in the morning for reservation for dinner, they said they are full and suggested for a walk in at 6.30pm. We went there by 7.15pm and were told that the waiting time would be around 45 mins. I thought of walking back but hubby said lets wait for sometime n see. Surprisingly we got the table within 15-20 mins.

Cool and loud (really loud) ambiance with pleasant interiors. The place is like it can accommodate a marriage party. Very noisy, but who cares when the food is too good :) Three best thing about this place. First is the service. I literally felt like being pampered :) I mean it. The stewards are very friendly, polite and make sure that we are comfortable. I'm yet to be comfortable with sea food. When i refused the fish starter, the steward said "Kha kar dhekiya madam. Acha lagega. Smell nagi aayega" kinda stuff. Vitta aaaa kaaminu ooti viduvar pola :P

They first explain the concept, what they have in the menu for the day, about wish grill and all. Then the storm starts. 6 veg and non-veg starters. They keep bringing it in. I chose the non-veg course (obvio) and hubby went for the veg one. I had chicken leg piece, mutton sheek kebab, chicken wings served on the plate. On the grill I had chicken tikka, prawns and bassa fish. Fish was not my type. The prawns were juicy and was heavenly with the mango sauce. The sheek kebab was spicy and juicy. Almost all the meat served were tender, well marinated and perfectly cooked.

For veg grill it was mushrooms, paneer and corn. Didnt taste any. They also served cheesy potatoes, crispy corn and coconut kebab on the plate. Had cheesy potatoes and coconut kebab. Both were yummylicious. We also had grilled pineapple and watermelon. The pineapple was simply mindblowing.

The starters part is not over yet. Here comes the unique concept called WishGrill. The basic concept here is, you choose among exotic range of meat/veggie, the sauces, pick between rice or noodles and convey it to the chef there. They’ll mix these up, grill them and give you a delicious, heavenly dish. By exotic meat I mean, u get to choose from rabbit, quail, octopus, shark, roasted chicken and mutton. I went for the rabbit. I told the chef that this was the first time I'm having rabbit and I let him choose the other things that'll go well with the rabbit. And buoy the outcome was simply delicious. Spicy grilled rabbit with indian sauces/spices, egg and onions. I gorged it up. Hubby like his choice of veggie grill with noodles.

After this I was stuffed till nose and was in the verge of bursting :) So skipped the main course and marched straight into the dessert counterv(I did look into the spread and it seems to be good. With 3-4 gravies in veg and non-veg, salads, soups, breads, biriyani, the spread was large). After the service and wish grill the third next part of the meal was the paan shoot ice-cream. Made at the cold stone table in the live counter, this one was the best. I'm not a big ice-cream fan. But this time I went twice for this ice-cream/ Apart from the ice-cream the phirni, mango cheesecake, summer pudding and moong dal halwa were equally good. They also had some cakes which I didnt have.

A veg, non-veg and a kiddie meal costed us 1600 inclusive of everything. I usually don't prefer tipping when there is a service charge in the bill. But this time I insisted giving them tips. But the stewards politely refused to have it. So did the valet parking assistants.

Hoping to visiting them soon again. I wish they maintain the standards the same forever :)

Place : Absolute Barbecue
Location : T.Nagar (Next to Accord metropolitan hotel in G.N.Chetty road)
Cost : Lunch and dinner buffet are different. Also the rates on weekdays and weekends are different. We paid a total of 1570 bucks inclusive of everything. Meal for kids till 9yrs is 300 (both veg and non-veg)

A must try for all bbq lovers. Total value for money :)

P.S : All opinions are based on personal experience only. 


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