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On a normal, weekday I will not even think of travelling all the way to Porur, to have pizza for dinner. But when I was invited to try out pizzas and other stuffs at Eatza, I couldn't refuse. Mostly for the company :) So a group of us landed at Eatza Pizza for some fun and food.

Located bang opposite to Ramachandra Medical College/Hospital, location is spot on. And with the unlimited pizza & salads, starting from prize range 179, this place is definitely set to pull the crowd. Ambiance is bright and neat. A huge space with entrance on one side extending all the way to the kitchen. Graffiti work on the wall are eye catching and funny. Part of the walls are tastefully done with pleasant colours. And amidst the length of the space, lies the salad counter.

We started off with soups. They serve 2 types of veggie & 1 non-veg soup on the table. The chicken soup was not upto the mark. It tasted more like warm/diluted tomato ketchup and was way too oily. Surprisingly the sweet corn veg soup was amazing. Then we moved on to the salads. Around 25 varities of salads. 75% of the salads were in cream/mayo dressing. It's a huge spread with different varieties like pasta, fruit, sprouts, legumes, vegetables based and all. Rite from simple black channa to Russian salad, the spread amazes you. By taste, few were hit, few were miss and few in between. I loved the carrots and French beans blanched and dressed in cream. It was perfectly seasoned and the veggies had a nice crunch to it. The Russian salad was good too. The Penne pasta was creamy & yummy. Purple cabbage with some dates thrown in was different. Almost all the salads had coloured bell peppers. The salad containers are pretty small and gets over quickly. In my personal opinion they can have around 10-12 salads that are excellent, instead of having 25 salads with mixed response to each.

Then started the array of pizzas. There were around 4-5 varieties of non-veg pizzas with chicken toppings and couple of veggie pizzas. The pizzas were either thin crust (at least that's what they call) or pan pizza. The thin crust pizzas comes as half n half. Two different types of toppings in the same pizza. But the crust was neither thin nor pan crust type. It was hanging in between. The thickness was of couple of bread slices. Out of all the things we had I liked the Hawaiian chicken, Eatza pollo and fiery chicken. The Hawaiian, inspite of having pineapple, didn't taste too sweet and clubbed perfectly with the chicken n other toppings. The fiery chicken stood up to its name. Thanks for those extra chillies, the heat was turned on an it was good. The other one which had chicken sausage, onion and capsicum was good too.

The pan pizza which was mainly veg was delicious when compared to the thin crust ones. The fiery veg didn't have the sauce when served first. Later it was perfect with rite amount of sauces and cheese and the toppings complementing each other well. The pasta was so so. Though it had the rite amount of sauce, cheese, seasoning and all, the pasta was overcooked and broken. The garlic bread lacked flavour. There was not enough garlic punch to it and the centre was way too soft and soggy like a bun rather than a bread. We were too full to try the other variants of the garlic bread. The bottomless aerated drinks were surprisingly as fizzy as it can be. We ended the dinner with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a chocolate brownie drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was nothing extraordinary and tasted average. Neither bad too.

To sum up the experience, though its definitely steal for the money, it would be much better, if some tweaking is done on the salads and base/crust of the large/thin crust pizzas. Once done, this will be a major crowd puller in the locality. 

Place       : Eatza Pizza
Location  : Porur, Opposite to Ramachandra Medical College & Hospital
Cuisine    : Pizzas, salads, pastas & drinks. Veg & Non - veg.
Cost        : This was an invited dinner. Going through the menu, there are various combo/unlimited offers to avail. Prices starting from Rs.179 for unlimited pizzas, pasta & salad. Prices vary from weekdays & weekends to veg & non-veg.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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