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We were looking for some typical South Indian style food for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was also a part of the treat/treats from hubby :) So decided to check out the Jakob's Kitchen in Nungambakkam. I used to like the cookery shows of late Chef Jacob. His style of using simple ingredients, focusing on the flavour always delighted me. The food at Jakob's Kitchen lived up to my expectation.

There is nothing much to talk about the ambiance. Located on the first floor of the building amidst some greeneries around, it was kind of welcoming for a hot sunny afternoon. The interiors are bit monotonous and dull. Except the few decors like the hanging earthen pots or the kadais converted into light bulb holder. Neatly sectioned menu that shouts out some interesting South Indian Dishes. Particularly from the coastal region of TamilNadu.

We started off with Nandu rasam and Murungakkai Soup. The strong sea food smell (stench according to my son) of the nandu rasam was the only thing that said Nandu/Crab about it. But flavour wise it was spot on. Thin and spicy, the way I like my soup to be. Murungakkai soup was okayish. We ordered chicken chintamani, chutney meen varuval and vazhaipoo vadai for starters. The chicken dish was too good. Deep fried dumplings with minced chicken kind of resembling our bonda was very good. The chutney meen varuval was tawa fried bassa fish with a spicy marinade. It was damn spicy. I couldn't finish a piece without drinking water. Though both the dishes tasted very good, I feel that it would be on different level, if its served with some mint chutney/mayonnaise. When asked for some accompaniments, they said they don't have anything other than tomato ketchup. Vazahai poo vadai was nothing extraordinary. It was kind of thick and dense with minimum amount of the vazhai poo.

Moving on to the main course we kept ourselves to a portion of Jawahar Jaloor Parotta and Manpanai Mutton Biriyani. The parotta is cute to look at. It's mixed veg stuffed in a lacy parotta mixture. It tasted good and different. The kuruma that came along was one of the best I've had. As the name suggests the manpanai mutton biriyani comes in a small earthen pot. Made of seeraga samba rice, the biriyani was very good. Perfectly cooked rice, rite amount of spices and juicy n succulent mutton pieces - it ticked all the columns of my check list for good biriyani. I would've been more happier if it tasted a bit more spicier. The mutton dalcha and onion raita were delicious too.

Desserts were kind of let down for me. With that South Indian Tag you can do wonders with desserts. We had a portion of ilaneer payasam (tender coconut kheer), ilaneer halwa and mettukudi pudding. None of them had anything special mentioning about. The payasam was very thin with no flavour of ilaneer and was less sweet. The halwa was too too sweet and the ghee was dominating the whole dish. I mean I couldn't taste/smell anything but ghee in the halwa. The mettukudi pudding was a simple custard pudding with few slices of peaches on top. Again the vanilla here was overpowering the entire dish.

Service wise they are not the best. First of all when we went, there was no one at the so called reception to book a table for us. We had to peep through the doors, stop some of the staff and on repeated reminders that we were there, we got seated. Though the staff are polite, smiling and have good knowledge about their offerings, they are not organised. They were flustered and we had to keep repeating some things like glasses for having water, cutleries n all. Since they were very polite, I found it difficult to be hard at them.

Being located in the posh food street of Nungambakkam, Khader Nawaz Khan Road, the prices surprised me a lot. It was quite less when compared to other fine dining resto's which charges a bomb. All the above set us back by 1700 bucks, which I feel is VFM given the taste and quantity of the dishes.

Tweaking the mode of service and looking into serving some relish/chutney alongside the starters, they are definitely here to stay.

Place     : Jakob's Kitchen
Location : KNK Road, Nungambakkam
Cuisine   : Tamil (South/Coastal) Veg & Non Veg
Cost       : A meal for 2 should cost Rs. 1200 aprroximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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