Jonah's Bistro, Alwarpet

You make pakka plans on something and it can go the other way round or it will never happen. Just a last minute decision will workout perfectly. Some of my foodie buddies decided to catch up at Russian cultural centre for lunch. After gazing through the menu for some time, we were all clueless what to order. And all of a sudden, we thought "Nah!!! we will do Russian some other time" and checked in at the newly opened Jonah's Bistro. Though Jonah's first outlet was in Besant Nagar, I've not been there yet (Yep! I'm kicking myself hard for that).

Situated in the prime location of Chennai, in Poes Garden with good amount of parking, is a big advantage. The ambiance was rich and warm. With custom made cutleries to  blue couches and all other decors in beige it gives you a royal feel. The chiller at the entrance receives you with "Pick me up !!! Eat me" goodies from Baker's Street, Puduchery.

We were 3 of us and we started off with buffalo wings and calamari fritters. The buffalo wings was supposed to come with a special sauce. What we got was a total disappointment. The wings were too dry, over fried and had no trace of any sauce other than honey. No salt/spice or any other flavour was there. It was just bland. All I could taste was the honey. It was so bad that we didn't even bother finishing the entire portion (Errr. It was just 4 pieces and we were like "You have it. No no you have it"). But the accompanying coleslaw was very good. A bit tangy with blue cheese it tasted very good. The calamari fritter was mindblowing. It was crisp and perfectly cooked, and after squeezing some lemon over it, it tasted great.

For main course we went with a regular (9 inch) pizza and a lasagne made of beef balls. I wanted to try their steak, but sadly it was not available. The brit pizza was a thin crust pizza shouting "I'm all Indian". With chicken pieces marinated in tikka spices and makhni sauce in the place of pizza sauce, loads of cheese and some crunchy bell peppers and onion, Oh I'm in search of words to describe the heavenly taste. This was the star dish of the day. The lasagne was good in its own way. Creamy, saucy, tangy and cheesy with meat balls, it was good. I would like to see a some more lasagne sheets and a bit more juicier balls. I felt the beef balls to be a bit dry. But as a whole dish it was good.

We were so full by this time and decided to share one dessert. The Hungarian apple pancakes is what we had. Seeing a stack of pancakes dusted with icing sugar, swimming in a thin caramel syrup with whipped cream by it's side is like love at first sight :) It was the perfect way to end the meal. A bite of warm, fluffy pancakes with perfect sweetness, smeared with caramel syrup is just bliss.

Service was top notch. Very polite staff. We shelled out 2K for all of the items above. Given the quantity and quality (except the wings) I feel its good value for the money. Soon I'm planning to visit the bessie outlet for the steak :)

Place          : Jonah's Bistro
Location     : Alwarpet. Couple of buildings next to Russian Cultural Centre, if you are entering from Radhakrishnan Salai.
Cuisine      : Italian veg & Non - veg
Cost          : A simple meal for two should come around 1500 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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