Pista House & Daawat-a-Biryani - Iftar 2015 Part 1

As a foodie, Ramdan is one of the festive period, I eagerly wait for. All the food, biriyani, kheema samosa, kheer and all other delicacies line up ready for people to break their fast and also to be devoured by people like us. My childhood day memories leave me crave for that rich and creamy rice kheer and hot and spicy cutlets that my neighbour makes to break her fast. Aunty is very sweet and friendly, she never fails to call us for a cup of kheer :)

I've been eating out, trying my hands on all the Iftaar specials for the past 4-5 years. Haleem has started dominating the Iftaar season for the past few years. Here's my round up on what the city got to offer us for Iftaar.

Pista House Haleem :

Every season this place was raved about by fellow foodies for their haleem. This year, they've opened a outlet (only for the holy month I guess) in Triplicane and their haleem is also available in selected outlets across the city. Picked up a container from Top See, Adyar. Packaging was spot on. Around 350-400ml of haleem packed in a sturdy, sealed plastic box is priced at 160 bucks.

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I've not had haleem in Hyderabad but I've tasted better ones here. The first time I had this was not so good. Both consistency wise and flavour wise. And it had hell lot of bones which really put me off. A week later, tried them agai. This time the consistency was thick, flavour was bang on and tasted very good with caramelised onions and a mild tangy-ness from the lemon. But again bones!! bones !! and more bones. Ranging from small ones to chunk sized, it was really annoying to scrape the meat off from the bones and eat it. With that being the only setback (major one though), I would say that this is one of the best haleem I had till date.

Daawat - a - biryani :

Have had yummilicious biryani from Nigar Sultana of Daawat-a-biryani at my office parties. This time I wanted to try the Iftar pack. The Iftar pack comes with 200ml of haleem (approximately), 2 kheema samosas, 2 piece of chicken kebab, chicken roll, iced tea and phirni. To start with the haleem, it was thick and consistency. But failed to impress flavour wise. It lacked salt, was pretty bland and had lots of lumps. The kheema samosas, in spite of being cold, the samosas stayed crisp. The filling was meaty and good and personally I feel a little more would do great. After all who doesn't like more. The chicken kebab was spicy, well seasoned and a tad bit dry. But I liked it. The chicken roll was yumm. It didn't turn soggy at all. It was very filling with chunks of chicken and was delicious.

The packing of iced tea and phirni was disappointing. Packed in plastic covers, tied up with rubber bands it was not very appealing. Iced tea was okay. Nothing great to talk about. The phirni, tasted good but again had mass/lumps of sooji which was spoiling the whole dish. The iftaar pack from Daawat-a-Biryani costs Rs.295 and I paid Rs.160 for delivery charges along with the 295.

Will be back with more iftaar specials of this season. Happy fasting and feasting all.


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