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It's been a year since I started eating fish. Last year, on Dad's birthday lunch tried Vanjiram (Seer) fry at Junior Kuppanna. From then on, the journey with fishes and other seafood has been smooth so far. Still I struggle to eat fish with bones. But have learnt to appreciate the taste, find the fresh ones and identify the spoilt ones :) Starting with vanjiram, I moved on to Bassa, Prawns, Nethili, Ayirai, squid and so on. Tested my guts with having octopus once in AB. Not bad huh :)

Even with all these experience, I was quiet concerned when I was invited for the Sea Food Market festival at Teppan. Seafood? That too in Japanese cuisine? I mean I always wanted to eat Sushi. But I was not sure whether I was ready for this. Assurance from the fellow foodie that sushi is not raw fish always, I gathered my strengths to face the Sushi-s.

Situated on the first floor (entrance is through Benjorang), bright red lights, with beautiful porcelain pots around, the ambiance was pleasing. Every table is set up with a teppanayaki counter. Since it was a sea food festival, there was a display counter of sea foods like different types of fishes including Horse Mackerel, salmon, bassa, seer along with squids, baby octopus, jumbo prawns etc,. I was enquiring one of the staffs about the fishes served with/without bones. Seeing my petrified face, with a warm smile he assured me that every fish will be served boneless after filleting. I sighed with relief :)

We started off with some mocktails to refresh ourselves. Out of all we tasted, I loved the angry mango. It was very refreshing with a mild kick of spice.

I had the Ebi tamagu supu which is basically prawns and egg drops in a thick soup. It was simple and tasted good. With chunks of prawn it was very soothing for the heavy cold that I had on that day. The Yasai supu - thick soup with veggies was good too. We got to taste the Lady fish tempura and the yasai tempura moriawase - a mix of onions, zucchini and bell peppers fried with tempura batter. Lady fish tempura won the battle hands down. It was so soft, melting in the mouth with perfectly seasoned tempura batter. The sauce had nice punch of ginger and soya sauce.

Then came different varieties of Maki (rolled sushi).

The Zucchini Shitake had the tempura fried capsicum and sautéed shitake mushroom rolled with sushi vinegared rice and nori, topped with grilled zucchini and tempura crunch. Ika Mango was the maki with squid, avocado and cucumber topped with mangoes. I didn't like this one much. As I felt that the mangoes and squid didn't compliment each other well. The spicy grilled prawns with mango and avocado topped with sesame seeds called the Yaki ebi was awesome. Perfectly grilled prawns with sushi rice a dash of wasabi was too good. We went for another portion of this, which vanished in seconds. Kani sakana - the teriyaki grilled fish was equally good with delicate fish paired up with avocado and sushi rice. Out of all the maki we tasted I fell in love with the Yaki ebi. Yumm it was.

Yaki Ebi - Prawns

Ika Mango - Squid & Mangoes

Kani Sakana - Teriyaki grilled fish

Zucchini Shitake

The super pungent Wasabi
And here came the most exciting & entertaining part of the day.We always love good food and entertainment. What if the entertainment was the food itself? Sounds exciting na? Chef Leo from Philippines took over the Teppanayaki and oh my god it couldn't get more live than this. The chef floored us with his knife skills. Watch it yourself in the video

We were served grilled veggies, chicken and parai fish (horse mackerel) in two ways along with Japanese egg fried rice at the Teppanayaki. It was a pleasure to watch the chef in action. The grilled vegetables (a mix of corn, onions, zucchini) was spicy and delicious. The parai fish prepared with pepper & cumin marinade was ravishing. Perfectly cooked fillet of fish in that spicy marinade was the best form of fish I had so far. And a special mention to the squid. Squid grilled with garlic butter and chilli paste along with saket. It was so yummy and creamy. Other places where I had squid, the squid tasted a bit chewy. But here it was just amazing, melt in the mouth type. The egg fried rice was moist and had loads of flavour. Unless like the fried rice we have here, the rice grains were short and moist and sticky. But I loved it.

And for desserts, we were lead to the dessert section which had loads of usual stuffs. I loved the coffee tres leche and strawberry tres leche. The baked yoghurt and blueberry mousse was good too.

After a quick chat with Mr. Ashok, Business Manager, Oriental Cuisines, it was time to say "Sayonara". For me it was a remarkable way to celebrate the completion of one year of my sea food encounter. Will be back soon to experience the set menu offerings.

Place       : Teppan
Location  : TTK Road, Alwarpet
Cuisine    : Japanese Veg & Non-Veg with Teppanayaki counter at each table.
Price       : This was an invited dinner. Otherwise I was told that set menu which has a soup, starter and main course will cost around 999 for veg and 1400 onwards for non veg depending upon the choice of meat.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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