Salem Thattu Vadai Settu Kadai

Salem is not only famous for mangoes and steel. We also have a unique snack called settu / thattu vadai settu/ thattai settu/ settu vadai. One dish many names :) My native town is close to Salem and during every summer holidays I used to visit my Periyamma (Mom's elder sister). Gosh those were the days where I was fed like there is not going to be a tomorrow. The cashew burfis, basundhi, rasamalai and sevu from Sathya sweets, the cream bun from Iyengar bakery and the unlimited sugarcane juice and all the home made stuffs. Woah !! fond memories for me. I still remember the 60th birthday celebration of my Periappa. The venue had this set vadai push cart near the entrance and all of us where literally hogging the settu non-stop for two days :) Enough of all those stories. Lets talk business :P

Settu/ thattu vadai settu is desi sandwich. Loads of shredded carrot & beetroot along with onions are sandwiched between two mini thattais smeared with green and red chutney. The highlight of this snack is the spiciness and the crunchiness and its super healthy. Yeah seriously!! When was the last time you had raw beets?? When I heard about this kiosk in one of the food groups in FB, I was so wanting to try it out. One fine evening I made it to the place. The kiosk appears like a push cart aka thallu vandi with all the mini thattais & murukku on display.

The menu with pricing is neatly done. I had one combo settu and one norukkal. The combo settu had one each of plain, onion, tomato, mango, coconut & garlic settu. Thattai was fresh and crisp. I would prefer little more spiciness in the snack. Out of all the mango settu and garlic was quiet different. And the norukkals was very good too. It has smashed murukku and thattai mixed with chutney, carrot, beets and onion. Again this too needed little more spice, but then its my preference.

Both these set me back by 90 bucks. Given the taste, portion and the memories it brings back, it's absolute value for money. Overall, for those who crave for settu and travelling is a problem, this place will definitely help to satisfy those cravings. If you've already tasted settu in and around salem, ask them to be liberal with the chutneys.

The shop is open only in the evenings.

Place           : Salem Thattu Vadai Settu Kadai
Location      : Llyods Road, Gopalapuram (Diagonally opposite to Llyods tea house)
Cuisine        : Salem special settu - veg snack
Cost            : Less than 100 bucks for 2 ppl.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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