Evening Snacks at The Music Academy - Sabha Canteen Round Up 2015

Our plans to visit Vani Mahal for lunch vanished in thin air. To make up to that we decided to hit Music academy for evening tiffin before taking off for shopping. Went there by 5.30 and the canteen was almost filled up with silk sarees and cotton kurtas :P

The canteen at Music Academy is managed by Mint Padmanabhan of Padmanabhan Catering and Contractors. Before getting a table, one needs to get tokens for the food that we are going to have. To make it easier for us, they've displayed the menu along with the price near the entrance of the canteen. 

Got ourselves token for few items and quickly settled in a table. We got a plate of medhu pakkoda(50 bucks for 4 pieces), cauliflower pakkoda (35 for a plate), godhumai halwa (wheat halwa - 50 for a plate), morekali (55 for a plate) and a coffee and tea. The medhu pakkoda was very good. Crispy on the outside and soft inside. Perfect flavours. The accompanying sambhar (tiffin sambhar) was simply delicious. I had two cups of it separately. The karuveppilai (curry leaves) chutney was very good with strong flavour of raw curry leaves. The coconut chutney was so so. Cauliflower pakkoda was below average. Very oily with too much of besan coating. A roadside push cart will make a better version of this dish.

The halwa was very less in sweet, ghee. The texture was also not upto the mark. On the other hand morekali was brillliant. Slightly tangy and sour, the way I like with perfect seasoning of moremilagai (chillies flavoured with buttermilk) and channa dal. That too with the curry leaves chutney and sambhar it was a delight. Coffee was strong and good. A perfect way to end the tiffin. But the tea was pathetic. Very very light, my husband had a doubt whether it was tea or milk :P

Overall we spent 245 bucks on the above items. A bit over priced with some dishes scoring high and some failing miserably. Will visit them for lunch soon :)

Who         : Mint Padmanabhan Catering
Where      : The Music Academy
What        : Evening Snacks
How Much : Approximately Rs.80 per person
Timings     : 3.30 pm onwards


Reader's Comments

  1. I too had coriander rice one day in the noon; it was totally insipid, definitely amma canteen rice for five bucks is better.

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