Eat like a King ... Weekend Breakfast at Gossip Bistro !!!

After couple of awesome dining experience at Gossip Bistro, it was time to check out the much talked weekend breakfast buffet. As said earlier, it is very hard to convince hubby to come to a new place. I somehow succeeded in convincing him. The hardest part was getting up early on a Sunday morning. It was next to impossible for me to get up at 9am on Sundays. But when it comes to food, I can sacrifice anything :D

To be frank, this is the huge buffet spread I've ever had for breakfast.The phrase "spoilt for choice" aptly fits here. I'll try to list things I could remember.

Idli / Vadai / Pongal / Kesari / Idiyappam (white and red)
Sambhar/ 3 types of chutney / stew / chicken curry
Minute beef steak / Chicken sausage
Roasted tomatoes / hash browns (the traditional way) / boiled eggs / baked beans
DIY salad table with variety of fresh & roasted veggies, different types of dressings and toppings.
Bread (white/wheat/multigrain), muffins, croissants and more
Cereals with hot/cold milk or yoghurt

Fresh juice (2 types) / iced tea / rose milk / buttermilk
Coffee / tea

Made to Order

Dosai (Plain/Masala/Egg)
Eggs (Omlettes/Scrambled/Sunny side up)

Phewwww. I'm sure I've missed something. Every single thing I tasted was simply delicious. Particularly the beef steak. Melt in the mouth kind with that peppery sauce was to die for. Pancakes and waffles served with maple syrup/honey/cream & chocolate were light and fluffy and more surprisingly no annoying smell of egg. A special mention to their chicken curry. Thenga arachu vitta type (curry made with coconut and masala paste) was delicious. Went well with everything like dosai and idiyappam. I loved their iced tea and that strong cappuccino. There wasn't a single item I disliked.

The surprising as well as joyous part was that hubby loved it to the core. That too a thumbs up from him for the sambhar is very very rare sight for me :D The very next Saturday, went with dad (who just dislike eating out) and brother and hubby again. We were literally shocked to hear dad saying atleast 5-6 times that the food was too good.

A special mention to the service. Be it the staff or Ramya or Hari they were ready to help any number of times. Repeated orders, customisation, clearing the table promptly everything was done with a smile. All these just for 399 nett is a steal for sure. Breakfast timing is from 7.30 am to 11 am

P.S : This write up is based on personal experience and is a summary of multiple visits


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  1. This could easily go for brunch as well. Wow!

    1. True that !!! Infact I was stuffed to the core that I had to let go my lunch and dinner during both the visits...