Cheesecakes with traditional touch !!! Gulab Jamun Cheesecakes from Sift & Spoon

I love Gulab jamuns and Cheesecake. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake?? Well a couple of posts with amazing pictures in WCE, triggered the urge to try these beauties. While chatting with friends, I casually mentioned about this and everyone wanted to try it. I pinged the baker, Ms.Princee and got the details promptly. Around 7 of us decided to try this as cakes as well as in jars. Since our order was more than 2kg, we requested her to deliver it as 1/2kg portions, to which she obliged. Orders were placed a week before and the delivery was requested on couple of days before Diwali. 5 - 1/2kg portions, 4 big jars and a small jar was our order. First thing that impressed me was the packing. Every half kg of the cheesecake was stuck to the box using a double tape, ensuring the cheesecake doesn't get disturbed while transporting. Couple of clicks and I started digging in. Whoa. Absolutely loved it. Soft and syrupy jamuns on top and also in the cheese layer was yummy. Cream cheese was perfect in texture. First time when I had the top layer, I thought it was Rabdi. But later I learnt that it was a mix of mango, kesar and white chocolate. Finger licking good it was. I personally felt that the base has to be a bit more buttery and needed little more salt to cut through the sweetness.

Cost is 1300/kg and 250 for bigger jar. Since we opted for 1/2 kg option, we paid 700/half kg (packing charges) and delivery and cab charges are extra. Definitely going back soon for the amazing dessert.

They can be reached on  8148197570.
Their FB page is Sift & Spoon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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