New Pattukottai Kamatchi Mess, T.Nagar

As a foodie, I've slowed down a lot in 2018 and to add to that, I've become lazy to pen down the experiences I had at the very few places I visited in the last two months. Hoping to shed that laziness and keep this page alive and cooking :P

So I had a lunch date with my brother and dad. Since dad wants to stick to South Indian meals most of the time, I decided to check out this place which has been receiving a lot of positive reviews consistently. In fact my PIC (Partner In Crime) was strongly recommending this place to me. Located in the by lanes, off venkat narayana road (google maps is your best bet) this place serves only lunch. If you are taking your car then you may have to wait for about 20 minutes to figure out where to find the driver for Valet parking. It was almost full by 1pm and we were shown tables in the first floor.

Non Veg Meals with different side dishes (like a combo) is the concept here. They claim to serve 9 gravies along with the rice, kootu and poriyal, karuvadu thokku and curd and a side dish of our choice. Side dish alone is limited. We settled for A Kadai sukka meals, mutton sukka meals and fish fry meals. Along with this we also ordered mutton kola and kari omelette.

Piping hot rice is served little by little and they inform that they have 9 gravies and they insist to try everything. Out of the gravies I had loved the prawn gravy (super spicy), crab gravy (fresh and lip smacking good), kaadai gravy and meen kuzhambu (very thing and tangy). Mutton sukka was more of a semi gravy type even though the mutton was soft and delivered a perfect peppery flavour. Quantity was also quite less. Kaadai sukka that came along with the meals was simply yumm. Melt in the mouth kind of meat with a nice roasted texture, I loved it. Fish fry was completely different from what I had tasted so far. The fish was fresh, thick & big slice, perfectly cooked with an amazing marination. Kola urundai was crispy on the outside and soft inside. Kari omelette was too good loaded with bite sized mutton pieces. A special mention to their karuvattu thokku which can be eaten as such :P

So everything was good about the meals? Food wise yes. But service was a big let down. It was as slow as it can get and we had finished about 3 gravies with rice before the sides came. We had to keep reminding them about our other orders. The entire floor (about 7-9 tables) were managed by just two people. One to serve rice and the other gravies. This led to a delay in serving the gravies. We really got fed up and moved to curd without tasting about 3-4 gravies. They are new and may be teething issues, but it is definitely annoying when u sit in front of leaf waiting for about 10 minutes for someone to bring the gravy you asked for. If they could fix this issue and pump up the service, this would be my go to place for non veg meals anyday :)

Paid 1200 bucks for all these along with one beeda.

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