The Bohri Kitchen Pop Up at Ashvita Bistro, Chennai

When my Partner in crime asked me about checking out the Bohri Kitchen Pop Up at Ashvita Bistro, I immediately jumped in. I missed trying their food couple of years back and didn't want to repeat the mistake.

By all means, this is my first experience with Bohri Cuisine. I was looking forward for the experience of eating from the Thaal. A form of communal eating, where a group of people share their food from a single large plate. While the arrangement at Ashvita seemed to be for five people eating out of a thaal, it was just the two of us sharing it. Didn't feel weird that way :P

Dinner was presented by Mr.Khadeer, CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) of TBK. He was patient enough to answer all those questions we kept shooting. As per Bohri tradition, we were asked to start the food with a pinch of salt which acts as the palate cleanser. The condiments like dry fruit & khajur chutney, pineapple & boondhi raita, kokum aloo, mint chutney, kachumber raita and raw onions were placed on the thaal. The kokum aloo and pineapple raita were too yumm. The Bohras start their food with desserts. But due to customer preferences/earlier experiences, they started with the Kharaas aka the savoury dishes. The first one to arrive was the Mutton Kheema Pattice. Smoked minced mutton stuffed inside a potato mash, dipped in egg and bread crumb deep fried tasted good with a subtle smoky flavour and spices. Breaking the pattice and squeezing little lemon over it as suggested by Khadeer did bring out the flavours well. The chicken Russian cutlets were too yumm. Soft cutlets made of shredded chicken, vegetables and white sauce was melt in the mouth type.

The beauty of the experience is the continuous change of flavours/textures in the courses. After the Kharaas it was time for Meethas. Beetroot Halwa was the sweet served to us. Halwa wasn't too sweet and beetroot dominated the dish as it should. The generous addition of nuts gave a wonderful texture to the halwa.

Pre Main course or Pre-Jaman was the Raan in Red Masala. Raan marinated for over 18 hours, cooked for about three hours starting with boiling then roasting followed by steaming. This tedious process of cooking results in the fall off the bone kind of meat in a lip smackingly delicious masala. While the description said that the raan will be served with salli wafers, what we got was the fries. It was indeed weird to eat fries with Raan but the awesome gravy made up to it.

Main course was the dum cooked mutton biriyani. A little dry, kacha style layered biriyani that was less spicy, nil irritants with rose water dominating the taste. May not be a preference for Chennaites, but I guess it's an acquired taste. We were served pink guava and alphonso mango gelatos from Ashvita Bistro along with lemon sodas.

We paid 3800 bucks for two of us. While I had no complaints with the food served, I feel it would be great to see one or two additional desserts and drinks in the menu for the price. Otherwise, unlimited food from a cuisine which we don't get to have in Chennai for this price, I don't mind paying it for the experience.

TBK Pop Up is open for lunch and dinner till tmrw (25-03-2018) priced at 1799 plus taxes at Ashvita Bistro, Alwarpet.

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