How about Biriyani for Breakfast ? Hotel Pandia's, Washermenpet

On Sundays, I greet the Sun only after 10.30 am. If I am out of my bed "early morning 7 am" on Sundays, that would be only for food. I was craving for a good meaty breakfast and was ready to sacrifice my Sunday sleep for that. From one end of the city, drove all the way to the other end, picked up my PIC and came back to central. The place which I wanted to check out was closed on account of new moon day. Hey I am not a person who looks for full moon/new moon/ Tuesday/Friday to eat meat okay. Shab suggested that we check out Pandia's. More than that suggestion "Breakfastku biriyani irukkum" is what calmed down my murderous rage.

From Central, we went to Hotel Pandia's at Washermenpet. I was still disappointed and was worried that my sacrifice would go waste. Upon entering the place, we were shown the family room dining area. I was told that every Wednesday and Sunday they serve turkey biriyani. Alas it wasn't available when we asked for. Ordered a mutton biriyani, mutton korma, paya, idiyappam, mutton chops and egg dosai.

First to arrive on the table was the mutton biriyani. Not the usual spicy, fragrant biriyani. It was mild on spice and aroma, non greasy, nil irritants yet flavourful with melt in the mouth kind of meat. Every mouthful clubbed with the korma or paya it tasted absolutely delicious.

Mutton Korma won my heart instantly. Boy o Boy. Such a creamy, coconut-y smooth korma with soft chunks of mutton was such a delight to eat. Be it with idiyappam or the biriyani or egg dosai, I couldn't stop myself from having this beauty. Never had such a stunning dish in recent times.

Paaya was not like the usual ones I have had so far. This paaya had pepper dominating the palate. Even the gravy wasn't thick but it was absolutely delicious. Especially when had with the biriyani it was vera level.

Mutton chops was good. Again think gravy but spicy and tangy as well I liked it a lot. It went really well with the egg dosai. Egg dosai was huge, thin and well seasoned.

That was a sumptuous breakfast. Worth sacrificing the Sunday sleep :P and travelling all the way to the other end of the city. Service was slow and grumpy in the beginning, with the waiters fighting in between them about how they are over working. At the end of the meal, we were able to see them smiling. Paid 1200 in total along with a few take away.

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