Breakfast @ the land of Nizams !!! Shah Ghouse, Hyderabad

The words that came out of frustration, got shaped up into a 3 day food trip to Hyderabad. My partner in crime is my therapist too :P One fine day, I was completely frustrated and was feeling very low. When talking to Shab, I was casually saying "Shab, we should do a food trip to boost up my sulking soul" and she said why not. It took us couple of days to decide on the dates and we were at Hyderabad on a fine Friday Morning.

The moment we confirmed our trip, we started doing our homework sincerely. Since the one and only focus of the trip was FOOD, we didn't give a damn about sight seeing or shopping. In fact our cab driver was shocked when we said no to pear/clothing shopping and sight seeing. We stuck to food. Food only. With the help of renowned foodies in Hyderabad, our friend we devised a 3 day plan covering the popular/renowned places for all the three meals and snacks too. Our focus was not on biriyani as we very well know that the land of Nizams has lot more than biriyani. And we were happy that we made the right decision, which helped us discover the gems of Hyderabad food scene.

From airport, before checking into the room, we decided to breakfast. Our first choice was Shah Ghouse at Tolichowki. A popular place that serves delicious and proper hyderabadi muslim staples like Khichdi, Dal katta, keema etc for breakfast. We settle down and placed our orders for a portion of Khichdi Khatta (Rs.30), Kheema (Rs.70), Gurda Bhaji (Rs.70), couple of rumali rotis (Rs.10 each) and tea (Rs. 10 each). I was told that Khichdi & Dal Khatta is staple at the Muslim community's household in Hyderabad. Light, flavourful & nutritious khichdi made up of rice, toor & urad dhal with minimal spices was a wonderful start to the morning as well as our food trip. The dal khatta tasted more like our version morekuzhambu. Kheema was mindblowing. With a perfect balance of spices, the heat was apt and went well with both the Khichdi as well as the soft & thin rumali rotis. Ghurda Bhaji is mutton kidney cooked in a spinach base. Since I don't eat spare parts, tasted the base alone and it was yummy. Slightly tangy, with the fresh spinach & cumin taste, the portion was pretty huge for a person. Tea was loaded with  sugar and I left it after a sip.

This place in Tolichowki, is the old restaurant which is not used to women dining alone :P There is another up scale branch few kilometres away in Gachibowli, which serves the IT crowd around the Hi Tec City & Q-city. We took a take away of a portion of Haleem, Lassi, Falooda, Double ka meetha, kaddu ka kheer & a sweet pan on the second day for dinner. Haleem was okayish, had few small bones in it. Loved the falooda that was loaded with dry fruits & nuts, khova & plums. Lassi was thick & flavourful. Double ka meetha had the perfect sweetness. Kaddu ka kheer had the consistency of a pudding, but tastewise no complaints. Paid a total of 430 with the haleem priced at Rs. 160

Follow this space to know more about the places we hunted :P

Day 1 - Breakfast & Day 2 - Dinner @ Shah Ghouse was amazing :)

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