Hotel Shadab, Hyderabad

After the Chai session at Nimrah Cafe, we were a bit lost while trying to find a lassi shop near Charminar. Walking around Charminar in circles, amidst that heavy crowd, I was tired and I just wanted to sit and relax somewhere. We dropped the idea of finding the lassi shop and took an auto to Shadab at Ghansi Bazar for the dinner. It was 10 when we reached there and I was surprised by the crowd waiting to dine at that time. Even when we left by 11.30 people kept coming in.

After a good 20-25 minutes wait, we managed to get a table. Few of the kebabs we wanted to try weren't available. Some main courses too. We settled for a portion of Haleem, Mutton Biriyani, Mutton Boti Kebab & Banjara kebab with few soft drinks. I'm not a big fan of Haleem and this one was average. Felt more fat getting struck to the throat making it difficult to swallow it. And yep it had bones in every spoonful. Kebabs were bad news. The meat was definitely old and we couldn't go further after a piece. When the waiter asked about the kebabs, we gave our feedback and his reaction was "Why the hell did I ask you" :P

Mutton biriyani was the only saving grace for the night. Enough for two normal eaters, typical Hyderabadi biriyani with spicy masala and juicy mutton. The mirchi ka salan was good too. While the biriyani tasted good, it left me bloated. According to "My Standards" I won't label it as a good biriyani even though it tasted good.

Paid about 1200 bucks for all these. 

Day 1 - Meal 5 - Dinner - End of Day 1 :)

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