Upma Pesarattu & Butter Dosa - Veg affairs of the trip :)

Right from the time we decided the trip and started asking recommendations, we didn't think about veg food at all. Even to people who asked us our preferences, the reply was "Hard core / Pure non - vegetarians". So we kept all the Bandhi recommendations like Ram Ki Bandhi, Govind Ki Bandhi and other places in the reserved list. We decided if we have time & mood and happen to be in the vicinity we would give these veg places a shot. I was keen on trying the snacks though.

Pragathi Tiffins :

After a wonderful breakfast at Hotel Nayaab, we had some time to kill, as our next destination will open only by 10.30. Since Pragathi tiffins was nearby (It's in Hanuman Thekdi, Koti. Near Pragathi College) we thought of checking this place out. A small shop with an open kitchen and no seating arrangements. Pay for your food, pass the bill to the serving counter and watch the insane amount of butter being added in each and every dosai. We opted for one Paneer Butter Masala Dosai (Rs. 40). I really enjoyed watching the dosa being made. Can't say the same with the taste. I'm not a fan of fusion dosais and this one the batter wasn't just rice & urad dhal. It had maida & besan flour mixed to it. It was extremely crispy and tasted a bit sour. The stuffing was very good and so was the coconut chutney. Absolutely loved the chutney

Narayana Tiffins :

Last day of the trip, we decided to skip breakfast. The idea was to rest well, check out a cafe, then lunch and head straight to airport. But come on. After all we came all the way to Hyderabad and it won't be nice if we leave without tasting Pesarattu & Punugulu rite :P So we were on our way to Narayana Tiffins in Yousufguda near Banjara hills. Again a hole in the wall kind of place with a open kitchen and few chairs to sit. Punugulu wasn't available. We paid and took tokens for a plate of ghee Idly, Ghee upma pesarattu & the mysore bajji. Soft & pillow-y idlis with a generous amount of ghee was simply yummy. The allam pachadi aka the tamarind/ginger/jaggery chutney was a perfect accompaniment to the idlis. Upma pesarattu was heavenly. I thought it would be too much for us to finish it off and in no time it disappeared from the plate. It was literally "Vazhukittu Pochu" :) The bajji/bonda was perfectly seasones with a crispy outer and a soft inside. Paid a total of 90 bucks for these three items. A quick chat with the friendly gentleman behind the counter who happened to be the owner of the place. He said his native is TamilNadu & got settled here and running this place for 20 years. It was nice to hear a broken Tamil after three days of Hindi & Telugu :D

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