Makkan Peda @ Chettiar Sweet Stall, Arcot

Spending about 9 years of my childhood in Vellore District has given me a lot of good memories to cherish. I wasn't a foodie then. My mos was an excellent cook and the maximum exposure I had was Kanna Hotel in Vellore, my college canteen, few sweet shops (dry fruit halwa & coconut mixture) opposite to fort. A veg hotel in Muthukadai & some snack shops in Walaja. Out of all my all time favourite are the gundu gunndu makkan pedas oozing with jeera :) I was a herbivore who eats only eggs (that too outside home)

So during our recent trip to Walaja, I decided to loot the Chettiar Sweet Stall :P Located in the bazar road, few mtrs away from the bus stand (near Pillayar temple) this is 186 year old establishment that sells droolworthy sweets & savouries. Every makkan peda is 100gms and costs about 25 bucks (I think). A twin version of gulab jamun, but stuffed with nuts & dry fruits these beauties will make u fall in love with them. But beware even for a person with sweetest tooth, one full makkan peda may be a bit cloying. On the other hand, it's sin to stop without finishing one :P

Packed about 2kgs of makkan peda and that's when the owner surprised me with a malai badhusha (I remember him saying something like that starting malai) and some onion pakoda. The taste was mindblowing. I almost hate badhushas and this one was absolutely melt in the mouth kind of ones with perfect sweetness. Got 1/4kg of that without second thoughts. I was clicking pics while my orders were getting packed, the samosas soaked in jeera (sugar syrup) looked damn inviting. He gave me a handful of onion pakodas and asked me to have them. While I was puzzled, he kept a khova samosa in a paper plate and handed over it to me <3<3 The regular samosa outer layer, stuffed with sweet paalkova :) Whattay wow it was. Since my dad was already looking at me like "Carukku badhila lorry eduthuttu vandhirukkanum" I refrained myself from packing that too :P

2 kgs of Makkan peda, 1/4 kg of malai badhusha, 1/4 kg of coconut mixture & regular mixture, I paid 610 bucks for all these. There are also places like Kannan Sweets, Chairman Sweets which sells makkan peda, I personally prefer them. Makkan Peda served with a bit of love & care :)

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