Venu Biriyani, Dindugul

When the road trip to Theni was finalised, I told myself that whatever happens, we need to stop at Venu for lunch. During our Coimbatore trip, these people floored me with their awesome of the aromale biryani & kola. But it was 11.45am when we were nearing Dindugul. Appa wanted to skip this en-route. I had other ideas :P I threw a tantrum (When it come to food I'll go to any level :D) and he finally gave up. 11.50 we were at the restaurant, which was pretty empty. They've a air conditioned dining space and a separate take away counter. I was told that majority of the business happens at the take away counter.

Appa refused biriyani and he just had mutton chukka and liver fry. Myself and junior had 1/2 portion of biriyani each along with boneless chicken. I was disappointed when they told that kola will take time and won't be available anytime soon. Upon multiple requests (read nagging), the staff somehow managed to serve me kola. Biriyani was piping hot with lots of tender mutton pieces. Less oily and few irritants. Medium spicy and aromatic biriyani, I loved every morsel. Asked Appa to taste a little and he also liked it a lot. Kozhuppu kulambu wasn't ready by the time. But the Dalcha made up for it. This place serves onion raita exactly the way I like. I took 3-4 servings of the thick creamy raita and ended up eating it just like that. Kola was brilliant with perfect balance of spices and was melt in the mouth type with a crispy outer. Boneless chicken fry was tender and surprisingly no food colouring and was 
well marinated. It was crispy and the batter rendered a mild spicy note to the chicken. Loved it. Paid close to 1000 bucks for all these.

The take away/parcel section is damn busy with biriyani packets flying off the counter. Before billing, they are asking whether it's for local consumption or travelling. Accordingly biriyani gets packed in banana leaf or aluminium foil containers. Two half portion of biriyanis along with 4 kola urundai set me back by 600 odd bucks. I was told that the biriyani tasted awesome even after 2 hours from packing.

This will be one of my favourite places for biriyani. Every time  I happen to pass by, I will definitely take a detour just for this beauty :) 

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