Maqs Barbecue N Biriyani

Regrets are about decisions that you know you should have done different - Unknown

How true it is. We made on such decision for a Sunday dinner, which I regret a lot. When we are confused over choices, we tend to make mistakes na. We were discussing on Lloyds tea house, Hola, Cascade and Wangs for dinner. All of a sudden saw this board on L.B.Road. The husband was already hooked by AB's and we got fooled by the name.

Located on L.B.Road, Adyar, this place is beautifully done. Spacious and standing on two floors. But the food? Ahhhhhhhh. Disappointment and disaster :( We settled for the buffet spread. None of the items were good in the spread. The soup was too tangy and peppery. The starters garlic chicken, chilli chicken (both on the spread) and prawn, fish and chicken on the skewers were below average. The prawn was overcooked and tough, fish was tasteless and all the poultry was so so. The veg starter gobi 65 was ok. Veg skewers was so so. The green chutney was sour and watery.

Moving on to the main course. They had chicken biriyani, steamed rice, rasam, chicken and mutton gravy. The biriyani was below average with elaichi flavour dominating. But the meat in the biriyani was soft and juicy (saving grace). The mutton gravy was good and paired well with the steamed rice. Again the raitha was sour and way too watery. When inquired about the breads, the staff had no idea whether roti/naan is served on the table. They said they'll check and let us know. But it took forever for them to do so :(

There was just four bowls on the desserts table. A burnt caramel custard, past carrot halwa and a thick pudding like semiya payasam which definitely needed more sugar :(

Overall a very bad experience with food. Not worth the money. Just 50rs more you get a stunning n delicious spread at Absolute Barbecue. Will I go there again? Dont think so :(

Place : Maqs Barbecue N Biriyani
Location : L.B.Road, Adyar (Opposite to HDFC Bank, near adyar bus depot signal)
Cost - 600 for non-veg buffet and 500 for veg.

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