Brick House Bistro

I'm not a big fan of burgers. Not that I don't like the taste. The major issue being eating that without creating a mess. Yeah. My table/plate looks like it witnessed a world war. I need loads of tissues to finish off a burger. And 99% my patty slides off the bun leaving me eating the patty and the bun separately. This time I was looking forward to visit this place. Not only because it was getting too much of attention, a positive attention in food groups, this was the first time I tried my hands on beef :) Another milestone in my non-veg journey.

My brother was asking me to try beef for a long time. A couple of times our plans got cancelled. This time we decided to head into Brick House Bistro for lunch on a Saturday. The place is nicely done. Thanks to MasterChef I could identify Heston, Marco Pierre White from the stencil art on the wall at the entrance.

Coming to the food. A single page menu with choices on fries, chicken wings, hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers and some main course along with drinks and desserts. For starters we had gooey cheesy fries with sausage bits and bbq chicken wings. The fries were cheesy and gooey but cold. Would've been great if the fries were crispy rather than soggy ones. Nothing to rave about the bbq wings. It lacked flavor totally. And for drinks we had iced lemon tea, vanilla milkshake and coffee milkshake. The coffee milkshake was very good with perfect sweetness and strong kick of coffee. The other two drinks were average.


We had a hot dog, a single and double tenderloin burgers. Didn't taste the hot dog. But Junior completed it without any complaints. That means the hot dog was good - fantastic ;) I had the single patty beef burger and brother had the double one. The burger was simply mind blowing. As said earlier, I'm not a big fan of burgers. But this one was simply amazing. Rite from the juicy patty to the caramelization of onions to the tanginess from the sun dried tomatoes to the melting cheese to the perfect bun, each and everything was too good and complimented with each other well. To my surprise, the patty didn't slide off and the plate was less horror site to look at. Lol..

For desserts, we had the lemon cheese cake. First set back was that, it was served in a plastic container. Second though the cheese mixture was lemony and good, the base of the cheesecake which was supposed to be dry n crumbly was very soggy due to the juices seeped from the cheese mixture. But it was okay tastewise :)

Service was good. It was a bit irritating to learn that atleast one or two items were not available in each section of a single page menu. That too at 12.30pm for lunch. I don't think it is acceptable. I will definitely go back for the burger :)

Place : Brick House Bistro
Location : 6th avenue, Anna Nagar East (Adjacent to K4 police station)
Cuisine : American, European
Cost : The bill for all of the above was Rs. 1500. 

P.S : The writeup is based on personal experiences only.

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