Food Street - Mylapore Festival 2015

Every year in January, Mylapore festival is held for four days, on the eve of pongal festival. Music and dance concerts, contests that reflects our culture (like kolam, pallanguzhi, dhayam etc), games, shopping, food and so much more, it's got something for everyone. Last year I landed there very late and encountered empty food stalls. So this year, we decided to hit it as early as possible. Landed there by 5.30pm. The food street happened in the Sundareshwarar street, next lane to Karpagambal mess. 

The street was already flooded with people and more crowd was pouring in storming each and every stall. We kickstarted with Mani Kozhukattai and sweet kozhukattai. To my knowledge there are two variations in the mani kozhukattai. One they make balls with leftover dough of kozhukattai, temper with the ulundhu pooranam. Another one is a simpler version of adding chilli powder to the left over dough and giving it a simple tadka with coconut shavings. The one that was available here was the simple version but tasted great. The sweet kozhukattai had a bit harder/thicker outer dough but the filling was yummy. We also took a parcel of the podi idly which tasted alrite.

At the next counter we had adai aviyal which tasted good. Typical iyer style adai aviyal with thick adai crispy at the edges and not so spicy aviyal. The filter coffee was average and the kasi halwa tasted great.

The vazhaipoo vadai (banana flower vadai) was the show stopper. Priced at 20 bucks for 2 vadai it was absolutely yumm. Crispy outer with rite amount of spiciness and salt. When i complemented the lady, she was so happy and was enquiring whether the salt level was okay.

The mangalore bonda was too good. Luckily, when we bought that it was damn hot and the sambhar n chutney was also good. Went for a second round and got a parcel too. 

The next stall served Karnataka specials. We tried Rava vada, banana buns and the mysore masala dosai. The first two were very ordinary. The dosai was too thick but the potato + peas filling smeared with spicy red chutney was nice. And the chutney served in the stall was spicy and good. 

The dhoklas were simply divine. A bit sweeter, it was fluffy, moist and juicy. Carrot halwa was so so.

The red rice puttu was delicious. A tad bit sweeter, it tasted great with coconut and moong dal. The pidi kozhukattai was average as i felt it to be too hard and lacked salt and spice. But the mint chutney was damn good. 

We winded up with a paneer soda and rose milk from kalathi news paper mart.

Mylapore festival, sponsored by Sundaram Finance happens every January on the eve of pongal. It really brings the village thiruvizha effect with merry go rounds, cotton candies and loads on loads of items for shopping.

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