The Grand Annual Bake Sale - 2015

I've been a member of this community for home bakers in Facebook rite from the time they started. Learned a lot from the talented bakers there. Have been to the bake sale by Home Bakers Guild couple of times. First time at Crimson Chakra, Adyar and the second time in Hindustan School, Nungambakkam. This time the Bake sale was happening in Besant Nagar. Being a resident of Besant Nagar, being a foodie and a half baked baker myself :P, I wanted to give it a visit.

The sale timing was 4pm-7pm and was happening at Spaces, Elliots Beach, Besant Nagar. Drove there by 4.10pm to find the parking at beach being completely full. Parked in one of the parallel streets and walked into the venue. My god. So much of crowd. People were storming each and every stall, like buy or die :O Startled back by the crowd, I hardly managed to get near few bakers.

Grabbed the rummilicious pudding, chicken pickle and lemon cake slices from Smitha Kuttaya Boppananda of Baked Delights. The lemon cake was whole wheat tasted good but a bit dense to my liking. The pudding and pickle was yummilicious.

Then was pushed by the crowd and stopped by a stall called BumbleBee. Couple of items i wanted was already sold out. By then it was only 4.20pm :( Then managed my way to Adoniya. Y stop by a stall which has its own cafe and to which i'm a regular visitor. I found my answer from Lemon curd & Rosemary cake. If i would hv not stopped by I would have missed this beauty. The cake was absolutely divine. The fragrance from rosemary and tangy - ness from the lemon curd was married beautifully and tasted great :) So was the carrot cake and the Gulab Jamun Tiramisu.

Finally peaked up into V's Bakehouse stall and grabbed a Tresleche jar, french macrons and lemon brownie. Everything was yumm. Especially the dessert jar and the lemon brownies were too good.

Here comes the nightmare part. Yes!! You read it right. Either the place was not enough to handle the crowd or the crowd was mad and insane or all of the above. Forget buying. It was difficult to go near a stall even. Pushing, shoving and what not. I understand it is difficult to form a queue in these kind of places but the way the crowd behaved was horrible :( Felt like was in thirupathi devasthanam before the darisanam. Only thing was I didn't hear "Govindha govindha" or "Jarugandi jarugandi" :D Having been to this event earlier, I personally feel that the Nungambakkam venue was way better. Secondly it was sad and frustrating to hear most of the items were sold out. Come on. You've advertised well enough in all food groups in FB, articles in leading magazines, the organisers/bakers should roughly anticipate the turn out and should have been prepared for that. I dont know how can be "Sold Out" being justified withing 20-30 mins of opening. Then the time frame for the sale should be 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Not 3 hours!!

Will I go to the bake sale. May be not. Or atleast i'll be give a second thought on it. I'll rather order the goodies from the bakers themselves and happily pay for the delivery charges rather being pushed and shoved ;)

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