Junior Kuppanna

Off late, I've been noticing a pattern. Whenever Dad, Bro & Me dine together (which happens very rarely) we end up eating in a place that serves typical South Indian non - vegetarian food. This is my second visit to Junior Kuppanna in Anna Nagar, and both the times the food was just awesome.

After a bit of shopping, we decided to have lunch here. At 12.40 pm, the place was quiet empty. Was not that hungry, so I settled with half portion of mutton biriyani, while dad and bro went for the non - veg meals. The non - veg meals comes with three types of gravies (chicken, mutton and fish), an egg curry, two types of curries, rasam and curd. The gravies are too good. Particularly the fish and mutton kuzhambu are so good, last time I ended up eating more n more rice. It tastes finger licking good with hot rice. The veg curries are just so so. Priced at 170 bucks, I feel they can add a sweet/ a small piece of meat to the menu.

I was quiet disappointed when 1/2 portion of the mutton biriyani arrived. I could've easily managed a whole portion. Tastewise it was yummy. Typical seeraga samba rice biriyani, not too spicy but flavourful. It was a little bit greasy but can be managed. And surprisingly it had generous amount of mutton pieces. The mutton was soft n juicy and had blended well with flavours of the biriyani. The accompaniments were good to. The mutton gravy was a bit spicy and went well with the biriyani. This is one of the very few places which serves, onion raitha with lots of curd. Most of the places they either serve onions marinated with curd !!! or sour/runny raitha. The raitha here was creamy and ended up having one more cup :D

Along with biriyani and meals we ordered a vanjiram fry, nattu kozhi fry and mutton pallipalayam. They were served midway of the maincourse after a reminder. As a toddler in eating fish (he he he), I'll say this is one of the place, even the top in the list where I enjoy the fish fry. The fish was well spiced and fried to perfection. The chicken fry was spicy and good too. The pallipalayam mutton was average. There was something missing in the dish. Priced at 200 each, I wish to see a little more in the plate :)

We ended the lunch with a lime juice and payasam. The semiya payasam was cold but tasted great. Roasted semiya in thick and grainy consistency of milk completed the meal. All these with one more lime juice set us back by 1294. I find it to be a bit pricy, but can try it once in a while, when you crave for typical south indian non veg food and a good seeraga samba biriyani.

Place : Junior Kuppanna
Location : Anna Nagar (In 3rd avenue, near nalas aappa kadai)
Cuisine : South Indian Non-veg
Cost : Meal for 2 would cost around Rs. 600

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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I always love to have some pancakes/waffles with some eggs and porridge and coffee for breakfast. Alas almost all the restaurants/cafe serving continental breakfast are open only at 11 am. When I heard L'amandier serving breakfast rite from 7.30 in the morning I was excited and wanted to go there. As always, forgot about this new place with time.

One not so fine day, when I was tired physically and exhausted mentally I received a mail from team Zomato saying that they are sending me a small gift as a token of appreciation for my participation in Zomato. I was so excited and was boasting around :) Two weeks later, received a meal coupon for Rs. 500 to dine in L'amandier. To be frank I was a bit skeptical on the terms and conditions. The coupon cannot be used on weekends (there bursts the bubble), cannot be used for buffet meals (I learnt that is what they have mostly) and it went on. I told hubby and he said may be we could check it on some day for breakfast. Finally we decided to have breakfast today, and called in for reservations yesterday. Again to the disappointment part, I was told that no Ala-carte menu available for breakfast and may be we can some croissants and omelettes. I almost came to the idea of dropping the plan and thought of passing the coupon to somebody else who can make use of it. But hubby said that "May be lets go and check it out. One of us can have buffet and the other can use the coupon. Or even if the spread is good both of us can buffet and pass the coupon to someone else." So we checked in today. And seeing the spread we decide to have the buffet :)

Located in the main road, which made it easier to find, this is THE place for ambiance. Few outdoor seating and a spacious indoor with a little elevated first floor too. The interior is rustic and beautiful. With tall windows allowing natural light, unfinished brick walls and bright coloured walls on the other side, this place is really pleasing to the eye.

Before proceeding to the food, let me tell you, if you are a hard core vegetarian there is nothing much for you here. Roasted and seasoned tomatoes, potatoes and veggies to pancakes to boiled eggs to porridge to baked beans to toasts to bacon to cut fruits, cereals, salads phew!!! that is a quite a continental spread. They also have a live egg counter to make customised omelettes. I started off with chicken of the day, some tomatoes and potatoes. Loved the chicken dish. The sauce was so creamy, a bit tangy and peppery, I simply loved it. The meat was with bones which I was not comfortable with. I also asked for a plate of crispy bacon. They served musk melon and grape juices. Chose the musk melon. It was a bit watery and mildly sweetened it was good. First time I'm having bacon. I've heard that it's a salty dish. What came was crisp but no salt or not enough for me. After sprinkling some salt it tasted great.

By this time I also asked for mushroom and cheese omelette and hubby went with cheese omelette. The omelette was fluffy, oozing with cheese and again the salt was less. I guess that's how European foods are normally. Had the omelette with baked beans and roasted veggies. I'd say the best part of the meal was the pancakes. Inspite of being kept in the warmer, the pancaked tasted great. Soft and fluffy it was divine with butter and maple syrup. It was so yummy, I ditched the toast and went for second helping :D They had white/brown bread along with orange marmalade and mixed fruit/berry jam (not sure). Muffins, two types of cereals with milk, cold cut chicken, some ingredients for DIY salad with three types of dressings, cut fruits and flavoured yoghurt. The yoghurt was runny and sour, didn't like it. Also I felt the croissant to be oily and couldn't have more than a bite.

While was happily gorging like I'll never eat again, hubby was not so happy with the choices. He saw the dessert counter and wanted to have a cheesecake. Later we came to know that it was not part of the buffet and we decided to use the coupon. The cheesecake was damn good. With dark caramel topping which paired well with the cream cheese it was lovely. Hubby who dislikes bitter tastes, yeah he says even caramel is bitter for him !!!! finished the entire portion. Hey why not me. I went for a chocolate pie (the staff said it was chocolate brulee. The brulee I've had so far was entirely different. So I assumed it to be a pie :P ). That too was good. But I couldn't finish it. Yeah!! Is there any surprise? A hot drink was included in the buffet and I had a cappuccino. It was okay. Nothing special to mention.

The buffet was priced at 399 inclusive of taxes. And the desserts for which we used the zomato coupon, the bill was 493. I feel it's best to stick with buffet.set menu options. There was no ala-carte menu available for breakfast as such. Not sure about lunch and dinner menu. After seeing the dessert bill, I'm sure (if at all they have) the ala-carte menu will leave a big hole in the wallet :P . Service wise no complaints. Staffs were very attentive and polite. But I felt, they need more training on what is available and name of the items. While giving feedback to the French lady (who was managing the cafe), we mentioned the limited options for vegetarians. She accepted it and said they are trying to revamp the menu to accommodate more veg options without compromising the European cuisine. Hope they really do it.

Though hubby feels he may not wish to come back again, I'll definitely go again whenever I crave an English breakfast :)

Place : L'amandier Bistro
Location : R.A.Puram (next building to cream center)
Cuisine : European/French veg & non-veg
Cost : Breakfast buffet for two costs 800 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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Olive And Basil

After Mexican, Hubby is an ardent fan of Thai cuisine. I too love Thai food. The aroma of coconut milk/lemon grass makes me salivate :) We used to (note the past tense. That was long long ago) frequent Benjorang, whenever we craved for Thai. Later when we eventually brought down the eating out habit (for health and cost cutting factors :O), we almost stopped/forgot Benjorang. Saturday, on our way to have bread omelette (at the tea shop near Ramco Systems) hubby saw this name board and asked me about it. Yeah!! Any doubts on food/restaurant he gets it clarified from me :) I immediately told him about the Thai food available there n the cost. And there!! we decide to have lunch next day there. And ended up for dinner here instead of lunch.

This place is in Sardar Patel Road, opposite to the bus terminus in Adyar. A very small place with just 5 tables (4 seater) and one man to manage the show. It was empty when we entered and the rest of the tables got occupied eventually. A very extensive menu with good choice for vegetarians too. The steward was very polite and very attentive. We ordered Manchow chicken soup, Veg momo and Masiamara chicken for starters. The soup was perfectly seasoned, thick with good amount of meat. It was served with fried noodles separately. The momo was decent and the accompanying dip was just yummy. The chicken starter was tad bit salty, but managed with the dip.

With very good, generous portions on the starters, we were a bit hesitant on ordering two dishes as main course. We went ahead, thinking that if there's any leftover we shall pack it for next day. Unfortunately the main course portions were not that huge, but okay. We had a Chicken Pahd Thai (flat noodles), Veg Pahd Thai Pak (spicy thai vegetable fried rice) and Vegetable ball manchurian. The noodles was a tad bit sweet but tasted good with generous amount of chicken and peanuts. The rice was just okay. Inspite of being called spicy vegetable fried rice, there were no veggies except onion and capsicum. And the spice level was just 2.5 on a scale of 5. But with the manchurian it tasted good.

For desserts we had Gluoy Bowd Chee and fried ice cream. Fried ice cream was very good. Close enough to the ones we get in Cascade outlets. The other dessert was described as bananas stewed in coconut milk. I vaguely remember having this one in Lotus at The Park. The expectation died off the moment I saw the dessert. It came with a big scoop of strawberry ice cream. I mean how weird this can get? Coconut milk with strawberry ice cream !!!! And the dessert was nothing but fresh cut bananas in coconut milk. No stewing business. When a gentleman asked for feedback, I mentioned about the dessert and the weird combination. What he said was shocking. "We usually serve it with vanilla ice cream. since we ran out of vanilla, we gave strawberry". I told him to inform the customer the same and ask their opinion before making this kind of pairing. And regarding the bananas being fresh and not stewed he argued saying, this dish will be like this or they are doing like this only from the beginning. I gave up, deciding not to order this one next time :O

Overall, Thai food at affordable price. Tasty food, (surprisingly) good service, good quantity. Minor hiccups here and there that can be ignored. Will keep going whenever we crave for thai food :)

Place : Olive and Basil
Location : SP Road, Adyar. opposite to adyar bus terminus.
Cuisine : Oriental Veg & Non - Veg
Price  : We paid 1300 for all of the above which is VFMM

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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A mini food walk in Purasawalkam

Though i frequently eat out in almost all areas between Adyar and Anna nagar, I've never crossed the border of Anna nagar. I used to hear my friends rave about the street food available in north Chennai and trust me, everytime I plan something it fails. Seriously !!! There have been hell lot of food walks I've missed because of various reasons. Some being really reasonable ones and other silly ones. With this year I complete a decade in Chennai. Still this one wish of visiting places like Sowcarpet, Parry's corner is still a wish for me :O

End of December during Christmas holidays, I stayed with dad for few days. And just like that one day, my brother offered me for visiting the food joints in Purasawalkam. I jumped and said yes. Me, my brother and junior started around 5.30 from Anna nagar. Bro stopped at Links first. A small, very small outlet that serves yummy murukku sandwich, corn canopes and other stuffs. The menu/pamphlet is quiet exhausting. Left it with bro decide on what to have. We had cheese murukku sandwich, corn canopes and cheese bhujia sandwich. The murukku sandwich was mind blowing. Miniscule murukku sandwiched with cheese, sooper spicy green chutney, potatoes and tomatoes. Inspite of the heavy loaded cheese, potatoes and tomatoes, the heat from the chutney was extraordinary. Eyes/nose ellam watering :o. Junior was saying "Amma idhu sapta cold ellam sariya pogudhumma" (His nose block got cleared in matter of minutes :P ) The corn canopes was good. Thin corn cups filled with sweet corn and mayonnaise. The puff was very good and a different one with the bhujia sev and cheese stuffed in the regular veg puff. This place is stormed by teens for the pocket friendly price. Crampy place with slabs on the wall to eat ur food. The place was not that clean, with leftovers spilled all over. Foodwise no complaints.

Two buildings next to this shop is the famous Mehta's Vada Pav shop. Unfortunately it was closed on that day (Yeah!! Talking about my luck here. Now u understand it na :O). A little bit farther, stopped by ashok pan house and gulped down masala thumbs up. From there we headed to King's vada pav. Had a mayonnaise vada pav and plate of jalebis. The vada pav was absolutely yumm. With the aloo vada not being dry, a bit spicy which was compromised by the mayonnaise its a total VFM. Though the jalebis were not hot, they tasted great. I packed another 250gms :)

By this time I was almost full. Thanks to the three course south indian meal I had in the afternoon and a mug (yeah u read it correct) of filter coffee and nuts in the evening :O I wanted to check Ajnabee sweets bang oppostie to King's Vada pav. But bro adviced to check in the Kannappa fast food in Ormes road for thatte idli and dosa. Accepted his offer and we went there. This place sells thatte idli like hot cakes :P The idli was simply mindblowing. A huge oothappam sized idli that was sooper soft, doused with ghee and nice chilli powder, it tasted fingerlickingly good. Except the coconut chutney u can easily ignore the red chutney and sambhar. Nothing worth mentioning about them. Along with the idli we had a paneer masala dosai, mushroom masala dosai and packed a mysore masala dosai for dad.

Though I missed places like Mehta's Vada pav, ajnabee sweets, novelty tea house and many more, yet I was satisfied with these three shops. Something is better than nothing na ;)


Links & Ashok Pan house - Raja Annamalai Road, Purasawalkam
King's vada pav- Alagappa road, Purasawalkam
Kannappa Fast food - Ormes road, Kilpauk


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I am a big fan of biryani. Be it any type, this is one of the dishes which I never say no to and can have it any time. The biryani I had in some places were damn good, that I can even have it for three meals a day. Have been craving for biryani last week. So decided to check in Charminar at Gopalapuram. And did so for Sunday lunch.

This was my second visit to this place after three years (since the time they opened). Was quiet surprised to see the restaurant almost empty at 1.30 pm on a Sunday. Settled in and ordered a chicken hot and sour soup, apollo fish and a veg sheek kebab. The soup was just okay after adding some salt. Though it had generous amount of chicken pieces it lacked flavor. The apollo fish was just brilliant. Spicy, a little bit tangy it was melt in the mouth kind of dish and was absolutely yummy. The quantity was also good. The veg sheek kebab was just okay and nothing to rave about.

The service was damn slow. For the entire restaurant, there was only one person taking orders and one more to deliver the food. Slowly, the tables started filling in and the service was painstakingly slow. Like we were waiting for 10 minutes to get the attention of the steward and another 15 minutes to get our water glasses refilled.

For main course, I went for a chicken biryani with double masala and hubby opted for vegetable biryani with double masala. At this point the, steward informed us that the vegetable biryani is nothing but vegetables added to the rice from the non-veg biryani. We were fine with it. But both the biryanis were entirely different. The chicken biryani was damn good with perfect blend of spices and the (single big piece)  chicken being soft, tender and juicy, well blended with the masalas. But the veg biryani was just bland with veggies. Hubby asked for extra masala and after mixing it was good. While the biryani was finger licking good, the accompaniments were very poor. The onion raita was way too watery like rasam and the dalcha was sour and watery too. We decided to take some other accompaniment, we were told that it would take 20 mins to get anything, even the raitha. So dropped the idea and finished off the biryani.

I was hoping to have kubani ka meetha for dessert. Unfortunately only double ka meetha and ice creams were available. Took two double ka meetha. Though hubby's bowl was perfect, what i got was just chunks of white bread :( I couldn't have it anymore so just kept it as such. Hubby felt full and I finished off his bowl. The steward inquired about the left over dessert and told him my concern. He offered for a replacement to be packed or even ice cream. Since I too felt full, we refused.

The bill was 1300 bucks. Since the service is damn slow, next time I would prefer having the biryani home delivered or packed and no dine in.

Place : Charminar
Location : Avvai Shanmugam Road, Gopalapuram
Cuisine : Hyderabad biryanis veg and non-veg
Cost : A meal for two would cost around 1300 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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