Junior Kuppanna

Off late, I've been noticing a pattern. Whenever Dad, Bro & Me dine together (which happens very rarely) we end up eating in a place that serves typical South Indian non - vegetarian food. This is my second visit to Junior Kuppanna in Anna Nagar, and both the times the food was just awesome.

After a bit of shopping, we decided to have lunch here. At 12.40 pm, the place was quiet empty. Was not that hungry, so I settled with half portion of mutton biriyani, while dad and bro went for the non - veg meals. The non - veg meals comes with three types of gravies (chicken, mutton and fish), an egg curry, two types of curries, rasam and curd. The gravies are too good. Particularly the fish and mutton kuzhambu are so good, last time I ended up eating more n more rice. It tastes finger licking good with hot rice. The veg curries are just so so. Priced at 170 bucks, I feel they can add a sweet/ a small piece of meat to the menu.

I was quiet disappointed when 1/2 portion of the mutton biriyani arrived. I could've easily managed a whole portion. Tastewise it was yummy. Typical seeraga samba rice biriyani, not too spicy but flavourful. It was a little bit greasy but can be managed. And surprisingly it had generous amount of mutton pieces. The mutton was soft n juicy and had blended well with flavours of the biriyani. The accompaniments were good to. The mutton gravy was a bit spicy and went well with the biriyani. This is one of the very few places which serves, onion raitha with lots of curd. Most of the places they either serve onions marinated with curd !!! or sour/runny raitha. The raitha here was creamy and ended up having one more cup :D

Along with biriyani and meals we ordered a vanjiram fry, nattu kozhi fry and mutton pallipalayam. They were served midway of the maincourse after a reminder. As a toddler in eating fish (he he he), I'll say this is one of the place, even the top in the list where I enjoy the fish fry. The fish was well spiced and fried to perfection. The chicken fry was spicy and good too. The pallipalayam mutton was average. There was something missing in the dish. Priced at 200 each, I wish to see a little more in the plate :)

We ended the lunch with a lime juice and payasam. The semiya payasam was cold but tasted great. Roasted semiya in thick and grainy consistency of milk completed the meal. All these with one more lime juice set us back by 1294. I find it to be a bit pricy, but can try it once in a while, when you crave for typical south indian non veg food and a good seeraga samba biriyani.

Place : Junior Kuppanna
Location : Anna Nagar (In 3rd avenue, near nalas aappa kadai)
Cuisine : South Indian Non-veg
Cost : Meal for 2 would cost around Rs. 600

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


Reader's Comments

  1. Agree with your comments on JK's Mutton Biriyani.. Will try NV Meals next time..! Keep Posting!

  2. Junior Kuppanna is great! I too feel it's a bit costly for the quantity they provide, but because their taste in unique and satisfying, I don't mind paying the extra. Try their muttai veechu parotta and brain fry (best in town, I feel) next time :)

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