I always love to have some pancakes/waffles with some eggs and porridge and coffee for breakfast. Alas almost all the restaurants/cafe serving continental breakfast are open only at 11 am. When I heard L'amandier serving breakfast rite from 7.30 in the morning I was excited and wanted to go there. As always, forgot about this new place with time.

One not so fine day, when I was tired physically and exhausted mentally I received a mail from team Zomato saying that they are sending me a small gift as a token of appreciation for my participation in Zomato. I was so excited and was boasting around :) Two weeks later, received a meal coupon for Rs. 500 to dine in L'amandier. To be frank I was a bit skeptical on the terms and conditions. The coupon cannot be used on weekends (there bursts the bubble), cannot be used for buffet meals (I learnt that is what they have mostly) and it went on. I told hubby and he said may be we could check it on some day for breakfast. Finally we decided to have breakfast today, and called in for reservations yesterday. Again to the disappointment part, I was told that no Ala-carte menu available for breakfast and may be we can some croissants and omelettes. I almost came to the idea of dropping the plan and thought of passing the coupon to somebody else who can make use of it. But hubby said that "May be lets go and check it out. One of us can have buffet and the other can use the coupon. Or even if the spread is good both of us can buffet and pass the coupon to someone else." So we checked in today. And seeing the spread we decide to have the buffet :)

Located in the main road, which made it easier to find, this is THE place for ambiance. Few outdoor seating and a spacious indoor with a little elevated first floor too. The interior is rustic and beautiful. With tall windows allowing natural light, unfinished brick walls and bright coloured walls on the other side, this place is really pleasing to the eye.

Before proceeding to the food, let me tell you, if you are a hard core vegetarian there is nothing much for you here. Roasted and seasoned tomatoes, potatoes and veggies to pancakes to boiled eggs to porridge to baked beans to toasts to bacon to cut fruits, cereals, salads phew!!! that is a quite a continental spread. They also have a live egg counter to make customised omelettes. I started off with chicken of the day, some tomatoes and potatoes. Loved the chicken dish. The sauce was so creamy, a bit tangy and peppery, I simply loved it. The meat was with bones which I was not comfortable with. I also asked for a plate of crispy bacon. They served musk melon and grape juices. Chose the musk melon. It was a bit watery and mildly sweetened it was good. First time I'm having bacon. I've heard that it's a salty dish. What came was crisp but no salt or not enough for me. After sprinkling some salt it tasted great.

By this time I also asked for mushroom and cheese omelette and hubby went with cheese omelette. The omelette was fluffy, oozing with cheese and again the salt was less. I guess that's how European foods are normally. Had the omelette with baked beans and roasted veggies. I'd say the best part of the meal was the pancakes. Inspite of being kept in the warmer, the pancaked tasted great. Soft and fluffy it was divine with butter and maple syrup. It was so yummy, I ditched the toast and went for second helping :D They had white/brown bread along with orange marmalade and mixed fruit/berry jam (not sure). Muffins, two types of cereals with milk, cold cut chicken, some ingredients for DIY salad with three types of dressings, cut fruits and flavoured yoghurt. The yoghurt was runny and sour, didn't like it. Also I felt the croissant to be oily and couldn't have more than a bite.

While was happily gorging like I'll never eat again, hubby was not so happy with the choices. He saw the dessert counter and wanted to have a cheesecake. Later we came to know that it was not part of the buffet and we decided to use the coupon. The cheesecake was damn good. With dark caramel topping which paired well with the cream cheese it was lovely. Hubby who dislikes bitter tastes, yeah he says even caramel is bitter for him !!!! finished the entire portion. Hey why not me. I went for a chocolate pie (the staff said it was chocolate brulee. The brulee I've had so far was entirely different. So I assumed it to be a pie :P ). That too was good. But I couldn't finish it. Yeah!! Is there any surprise? A hot drink was included in the buffet and I had a cappuccino. It was okay. Nothing special to mention.

The buffet was priced at 399 inclusive of taxes. And the desserts for which we used the zomato coupon, the bill was 493. I feel it's best to stick with buffet.set menu options. There was no ala-carte menu available for breakfast as such. Not sure about lunch and dinner menu. After seeing the dessert bill, I'm sure (if at all they have) the ala-carte menu will leave a big hole in the wallet :P . Service wise no complaints. Staffs were very attentive and polite. But I felt, they need more training on what is available and name of the items. While giving feedback to the French lady (who was managing the cafe), we mentioned the limited options for vegetarians. She accepted it and said they are trying to revamp the menu to accommodate more veg options without compromising the European cuisine. Hope they really do it.

Though hubby feels he may not wish to come back again, I'll definitely go again whenever I crave an English breakfast :)

Place : L'amandier Bistro
Location : R.A.Puram (next building to cream center)
Cuisine : European/French veg & non-veg
Cost : Breakfast buffet for two costs 800 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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