Olive And Basil

After Mexican, Hubby is an ardent fan of Thai cuisine. I too love Thai food. The aroma of coconut milk/lemon grass makes me salivate :) We used to (note the past tense. That was long long ago) frequent Benjorang, whenever we craved for Thai. Later when we eventually brought down the eating out habit (for health and cost cutting factors :O), we almost stopped/forgot Benjorang. Saturday, on our way to have bread omelette (at the tea shop near Ramco Systems) hubby saw this name board and asked me about it. Yeah!! Any doubts on food/restaurant he gets it clarified from me :) I immediately told him about the Thai food available there n the cost. And there!! we decide to have lunch next day there. And ended up for dinner here instead of lunch.

This place is in Sardar Patel Road, opposite to the bus terminus in Adyar. A very small place with just 5 tables (4 seater) and one man to manage the show. It was empty when we entered and the rest of the tables got occupied eventually. A very extensive menu with good choice for vegetarians too. The steward was very polite and very attentive. We ordered Manchow chicken soup, Veg momo and Masiamara chicken for starters. The soup was perfectly seasoned, thick with good amount of meat. It was served with fried noodles separately. The momo was decent and the accompanying dip was just yummy. The chicken starter was tad bit salty, but managed with the dip.

With very good, generous portions on the starters, we were a bit hesitant on ordering two dishes as main course. We went ahead, thinking that if there's any leftover we shall pack it for next day. Unfortunately the main course portions were not that huge, but okay. We had a Chicken Pahd Thai (flat noodles), Veg Pahd Thai Pak (spicy thai vegetable fried rice) and Vegetable ball manchurian. The noodles was a tad bit sweet but tasted good with generous amount of chicken and peanuts. The rice was just okay. Inspite of being called spicy vegetable fried rice, there were no veggies except onion and capsicum. And the spice level was just 2.5 on a scale of 5. But with the manchurian it tasted good.

For desserts we had Gluoy Bowd Chee and fried ice cream. Fried ice cream was very good. Close enough to the ones we get in Cascade outlets. The other dessert was described as bananas stewed in coconut milk. I vaguely remember having this one in Lotus at The Park. The expectation died off the moment I saw the dessert. It came with a big scoop of strawberry ice cream. I mean how weird this can get? Coconut milk with strawberry ice cream !!!! And the dessert was nothing but fresh cut bananas in coconut milk. No stewing business. When a gentleman asked for feedback, I mentioned about the dessert and the weird combination. What he said was shocking. "We usually serve it with vanilla ice cream. since we ran out of vanilla, we gave strawberry". I told him to inform the customer the same and ask their opinion before making this kind of pairing. And regarding the bananas being fresh and not stewed he argued saying, this dish will be like this or they are doing like this only from the beginning. I gave up, deciding not to order this one next time :O

Overall, Thai food at affordable price. Tasty food, (surprisingly) good service, good quantity. Minor hiccups here and there that can be ignored. Will keep going whenever we crave for thai food :)

Place : Olive and Basil
Location : SP Road, Adyar. opposite to adyar bus terminus.
Cuisine : Oriental Veg & Non - Veg
Price  : We paid 1300 for all of the above which is VFMM

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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