Do you ever go to a place, knowingly that there are 50-50 chances for the food to be not that good. Or the service to become even more pathetic? And you still feel or say to yourself it's okay anyway. I want to go. We have one such place that fits all these descriptions. Abiruchi !!! in Thiruvanmiyur. Abiruchi is one of our go to place, when we crave for some decent Andhra food. Multiple visits and the experiences has kind of tuned us on what to order, what not to and what to expect from them.

This place is like an upgraded version of a mess. Around 8 - 10 tables. Very dull n low lit ambiance. Infact don't expect anything that spells ambiance :P A single person manages the entire show and out of the multiple number of visits, I've not seen even a single table left unoccupied. So the service is painstakingly slow here. Better order whatever u want in the beginning itself.

We usually stick with veg & non veg meals. Along with meals we order omelette/ ginger egg/ egg bhurji / gobi manchurian/ kodiguru masala / andhra chilli chicken dry. One or two of the above said items along with meals would do. We order meals only for the podi, andhra pappu n the chutney. I don't remember tasting the sambhar or other gravies that comes along with the meals. The podi is amazingly good. The pappu (sometimes they even have keerai pappu) is just yumm here. First round have podi mixed with rice and pappu along the side. Second round mix rice and pappu and have it with the kodiguru masala or egg, it tastes divine. The ginger / gongura chutneys are simply awesome. Spicy and a bit tangy it sets fire in ur tongue.

The ginger egg is kinda of egg manchurian like dish with the outer part/ the batter that coats the egg has a kick of ginger to it. The gobi manchurian is chinese by name and truly andhra by taste. Spicy, a bit sweet sometimes, this dish goes well with the meals and hubby is a huge fan of it. The kodiguru masala is gravy. Excellent in taste and aroma, this one never fails. Goes well with meals again. Particularly the spicy and aromatic gravy pairs up well with the podi/pappu rice.

Now far the cat on the wall part. Sometimes, the chicken dry that comes with the meal or the andhra chilli chicken is too tough, too difficult to chew. Most of the time I end up leaving it to waste to save my tooth :O No sweets is another set back. Not even payasam :(

As already mentioned the service is damn slow. Inspite of all these we keep going there just for the meals and few other items. I tried the biriyani once and after that I don't even see that section of the menu.

Place : Abiruchi
Location : L.B.Road, Thiruvanmiyur. Next to the IMPCOPS campus, before barani hotel.
Cuisine : Veg and non veg andhra food.
Cost : Average cost for 2 people should come around 300 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Also it is based on multiple visits.

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