One of the toughest post marriage sacrifice for me was the steep decrease in the level of spiciness in food :o On a scale of 10, I can tolerate 9.99 heat in my food. Whereas it was 1 for in laws. Imagine the trauma I had to go through my initial stage of marriage. Making coconut chutney with 1/2 green chilli for 1/2 shell will make them cry :( The most weird part is, hubby who cries on spicy food, actually enjoys eating andhra foods. Totally weird. But later I found out that he keeps himself to paruppu podi and pappu. To the max he has gongura or egg bhurji, andhra style. Not a big deal na !!

When it comes to Andhra cuisine, we go to Abiruchi in Thiruvanmiyur or he gets parcelled meals from the Andhra mess opposite to Tidel Park. We did try Amaravathi once (loong back in Tambaram I guess)  and didnt like it much. Today fate had something else for us :( We actually planned to go to Amaravathi in Cathedral Road. But when we started from home, we went in the opposite direction towards Abiruchi (Practice u know :)) ). While debating/discussing over the place, we missed Abiruchi and went ahead. Then we convinced ourselves that we will go to Andhra Mess. Again missed the turning, went ahead to know that there was no U-turn near tidel & Madhya Kailash. Finally drove back all the way to Amaravathi itself.

This is my first visit to this outlet. It looks like a small place from the outside. But they have a dining space to conduct 2-3 marriages ;)) After doing some maze puzzle we got seated in a comfortable sofa. The menu is pretty limited. Ordered meals for us and chappathi for Junior. Service was pretty quick and attentive. The meals has a chutney, a veg curry, pappu and one more veg gravy with sambhar, rasam, chicken & fish gravy, curd, appalam, vadams, sweet, beeda and banana. The chutney which had raw onions in tamarind & chilli base was simply amazing. It paired up well with the paruppu podi & curd rice. The paruppu podi was bland. The pappu had more keerai with little to no trace of dal and it was way too salty. We were served plaintain (raw banana) curry. This too lacked flavour and was undercooked. The drumstick based gravy was good. The chicken gravy was good too. Spicy with balanced masalas, it was one of the saviour dishes. The fish gravy was way too tangy. I was really disappointed with the food and the taste so skipped the sambhar and rasam which I never try to attempt in any Andhra places for that matter.

Priced at 170 bucks for a meal, this was not at all worth the money. For 70 bucks u get a curry, pappu, podi, two types of gravy with veg fry, two types of chutneys in an Andhra mess. I guess wat I paid was only for the location and ambiance and not for the food :O

Along with the meals, we also ordered a fish fry (seer/vanjiram), an omlette and vada curry. The vada curry was horrible. 2-3 whole vadais in tomato gothsu is wat we got :( The fish fry was good. The omelette was so so.

Will I go back? Definitely a big no. I would happily eat at Abiruchi/get the meal parcelled from the andhra mess any day. For a total bill of 1000 bucks, I feel the food is not worth. Except the chutney, I couldn't find one thing that shouted andhra in the meal :(

Place : Amaravathi
Location : Cathedral Road, Opposite to Music Academy. They also have outlets in OMR, Velachery and T.Nagar
Cuisine : Andhra - Veg & Non-Veg
Cost : All the above set us back by 1000 bucks

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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