Sigree, Adyar

Junior is having exams. School timings are changed due to exams. And he gets study holidays (EKSI) in between exams. I usually get struck/go crazy when either one of them has holiday during weekdays. My whole schedule falls apart. And on one fine day, Junior gets a study holiday, hubby decides to take off and there is a match between India and West Indies. And the day happens to be a Friday. I really got confused and thought the weekend had already started. And of course no mood for cooking. Having fruits for breakfast, hubby wanted to check in some place that has buffet for lunch. I don't want to miss the match (that was way too boring), so decided to check in Sigree for a late lunch at 2 pm.

Prime location. Valet parking is there. Very good interiors. A bit noisy ambiance. All okay. Food? A very big disappointment. We chose to have a non - veg and a veg buffet. The starters are served on the table. This is what we had :


Chicken soup was creamy, tangy and yummy. The corn soup was very bland and lacked flavour.

Non - veg starters :-

1. Kasoori methi murgh tikka - Tender pieces of chicken marinated with kasoori methi. Was juicy and tasted yumm.
2. Tawa fish - crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Good one.
3. Prawns - Could've been bit more juicier. Just so so.
4. Tandoori chicken - Average
5. Mutton sheekh kebab - Very dry, crumbly, very less salt and no flavours.

Veg starters :-

1. Cheese balls - Average
2. Paneer tikka - softest paneer well marinated.
3. Channa tikki - Below average
4. Potato starter - Damn good.
5. Pineapple - Good. But would've been better if its grilled some more. It was not soft and the ones we get in AB is the best.

A blue coloured, lemon flavoured drink was served as welcome drink, after we completed our starters. It was neither sweet nor salty nor fizzy and was warm. The mint chutney and the thick tamarind chutney were just awesome. Particularly the tamarind chutney was full of flavours. Sweet, sour and a bit spicy it went well with all the starters. Finger licking good. The general problem was, the stewards serve very less starters. Like one or two pieces in each and thats it. They disappear. And if you want second helping you really have to wait for a long time. Same thing with serving veg starters for me (I chose the non-veg buffet). They keep the plate as far as possible from you, and ask do u want one :O

Main course and desserts were utter disappointment. First of all the spread itself was limited one with lesser varieties. Not even a single dish stood out. Everything was either average or even poor. The paneer curry and mushroom curry tasted the same. The dhal smelt raw and was bland. The biriyani had very less salt and had no flavour. And a place like this which charges 600 per meal should definitely think of serving the breads on the table, rather just dumping them in  the warmer. The punjabi chicken curry was very sour. And the desserts !!! I don't even want to talk about them.

A non - veg meal is priced at 580 and a veg meal at 530. And with a whooping service charge of 10% and other taxes, we ended up paying 1300 bucks. For almost the same price or hundred more, Absolute BBQ will serve a class of its kind food. I feel the meal was not at all worth the price.

Place : Sigree
Location : Adyar
Cuisine - Veg and non veg Indian (North Indian)
Cost : A meal for 2 will cost around 1300 bucks (Stick with the buffet. The ala-carte seems to be damn pricey.)

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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