Waf O'Bel

When it comes to eating out, Junior is more like me. He is always ready to experiment. This place Waf O'Bel, was in my wishlist (that keeps growing day by day. I strike one, two more gets added :O ), as I was seeing a lot of posts about this place in social media off late. Today, Junior got promoted to the next grade (yeah. Me too !!!) and we wanted to celebrate. He wanted ice cream for lunch. Suddenly this place came in mind and convinced him to try it out. We drove all the way from Besant Nagar to Nungambakkam just for waffles.

Located diagonally opposite to Vijay Televisions in Jaganathan Road, Nungambakkam, this place is easy to locate. They share the space with a pizza outlet. Very limited menu. 6 varieties in each Liege (denser and sweeter) and Brussels (lighter, crispier and rectangular in shape). My experiments with waffles are very much limited. I've had them in a very few places which serve continental breakfast. So I'm not going into the authenticity of the taste n all. We started with one red carpet Brussels and a dream team liege. The former one was amazing. Light and crisp, paired with whipped cream and strawberry fruit compote, it was simply yumm. Dream team was the liege one that was served with ice cream of our choice and chocolate sauce. Junior devoured it :) Since this was our lunch, we went for another waffle each. This time I took the black and white liege which was served with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Though I liked it, I stand by Brussels anytime :)

The bill was 500 + 94 which I feel is absolute value for money. The couple who are running the show are warm and friendly. They took the feedback and said that the menu is going to be expanded soon. I also requested to add nutella to the menu ;)

Place : Waf O'Bel
Location : Jaganathan Road, Nungambakkam (opposite to Vijay TV)
Cuisine : Belgium waffles
Cost : Waffles start from Rs.70 and goes up to Rs.140 depending on the topping one choose.

Highly recommended by FoodPecker.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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