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After ditching the 3 days detox plan for burgers, now it was time to do the same for Fondue :) And I'm not going to try the detox plan in the near future. At least for the next 2 months. A fellow foodie's friend's friend has started this new place called Dipping Pot and a bunch of us got invited for Saturday lunch. My prediction on traffic went wrong again and ended up 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Located on the one of the most popular roads in Chennai, the TTK road, this is very hard to miss. Luckily one parking slot was free and happily took it. Within 10-15 minutes time frame, people started arriving. And now we've become one hell of a gang that was hungry and ready to devour whatever that is about to be offered.

The cafe is of duplex model. 2-3 tables in the ground floor and the first floor can accommodate upto 20-25ppl. Interiors are done with a splash of purple. Black furnitures beautifully match the rustic wallpapers. The first thing that catches your attention are the mugs. Cute moustache painted mugs are definitely an attraction.

Dipping Pot is a speciality cafe serving cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Also they've introduced table service chocolate fountain for the first time in Chennai. Mr. Yusuf, who owns the place gave us a quick tour on his experience in the food industry, what to expect from the place and what goes into the dishes n all. We started off with a fruit punch, virgin mojito and a cappucino (made of 100% arabica coffee beans). All the three were pretty good.

Later we moved on to the steaks and other stuffs. To start with the buffalo wings in bbq sauce was just mind blowing. Tender chicken wings in a sweet, tangy and hot sauce was finger licking good. The steaks here are served with mashed potatoes, grilled/sautéed veggies and couple of garlic breads. First came the fish n chips. The bassa fish was perfectly cooked and I personally felt that the seasoning was a tad bit salty (passable though) and some more heat would've taken the dish to another level (The every spicy Indian palette huh!!). But with the butter sauce it tasted great. The mashed potatoes were decent (little bit grainy though). The garlic breads were yumm. Crispy buttery with herbs and garlic it was spot on. Next came the beef steak with pepper & mushroom jus. The sauce was pretty good. The meat lacked juiciness to it and was dry and chewy. The chicken steak is also served with the same sauce. Somehow it missed a zing in it. We gave our feedbacks and Mr. Yusuf said that he'll work on them. We were also served a veg penne pasta in pink sauce. The pink sauce was basically a mixture of creamy white sauce and a tomato base as explained by Yusuf. The pasta was pretty decent. Would've been more good with some more cheese/cream in it.

Fondue is a Swiss, Italian and French dish of melted cheese served in a communal pot over a portable stove, and eaten by dipping long-stemmed forks with bread into cheese. It was promoted as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union. Later the name "Fondue" has been generalized to other dishes in which a food is dipped into a communal pot of hot liquid (Information sourced from Wikipedia).

Fondue being the speciality here, Mr. Yusuf mentioned that they serve the classic fondue (two types of melted cheese (Emmental and Gruyere) served with an assortment of veggies like baby carrots/potatoes/corns/olives/mushroom/cauliflower/broccoli and bread cubes) along with the Dipping Pot special fondue which has the peri peri powder in the cheese mix and the accompaniments are chicken nuggets, fish fingers and French fries with peri peri powder along with garlic bread and plain bread cubes. This will be heavenly for cheese lovers. Thanks god, the management kept in mind people like me before coming up with the menu. The Dipping Pot special fondue was far better than the classical one. The baby potatoes and garlic breads went well with the peri peri flavoured cheese. I couldn't say more on this as this is not my cup of tea. As a tradition, wine is served along with the fondue. Here they serve non-alcoholic version of white and red wine. 

The chocolate fondue is served in two flavours. Milk chocolate and white chocolate. Even you can opt for flavours in milk chocolate like blueberry, strawberry n all. The chocolate fondue is served along with cubes of soggy brownies (I felt the brownies to be pasty), kiwis, bananas, strawberries and chocolate cigars. I liked the bananas and kiwis. Strawberry was dominating the chocolate flavour. Cigars and brownies were average. Another highlight being the chocolate fountain served on the table. The miniature fountains are imported from US. It is such a sight to see the chocolates bubbling and flowing. I controlled my urge to dip my fingers and licking it :D The fondue and fountains comes in different portion sizes serving from 2 to a family.

Food was "On the house". So cannot comment on the pricing or service. Though they are open to public, they are not operating on a full swing. Expecting them to be fully operational in a week's time or so.

The concept of fondues and chocolate fountains are unique. Apart from this they also serve pizzas, sandwiches, pastas and so on. As of now they are having red velvet cheese cake and nutella cheesecake as a part of their dessert menu, which are sourced from a homebaker. I'm sure the kids will have fun in having their specialities. Give this place a try for their uniqueness. And don't forget, if you drop your bread in the pot, you may have to buy drinks for all :)

This place is situated on TTK road, opposite to the Raj park hotel.

Place        : Dipping Pot
Location   : TTK Road, Alwarpet
Cuisine     : Specialises in cheese and chocolate fondues. chocolate fountains and other continental foods. Veg & Non-veg included.
Cost         : It may be on the higher side. A meal for two should cost around 1500 - 1800

P.S : This write up is based on personal experience only. Food was on the house.

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