Double Roti

After the not so bad encounter with Burgers at BHB, this time murdered the burger from Double Roti. Yet another new addition to the burger scene of Chennai, this place serves burgers/sandwiches/fries and other stuffs.

After completing the four day trip to Puduchery, where I ended up eating whatever that came my way. From masala pooris to kulfis to chocolates to desserts, I was literally indulging as if there is no tomorrow. After coming to Chennai, I thought of doing a 3-4 days detox plan. Started the same and successfully survived the day 1. On the second day, came the message from fellow foodies about the lunch meet at Double Roti. I was really in a dilemma. One hand wanted to try the burgers. But was skeptical with my burger eating skills. On the other hand was thinking over the detox plan. Finally, the burgers won. Ditched the detox plan and went straight ahead to Double Roti. Google maps, confused me and made me drive 6-7 kms extra to find this place. Simply, I should have taken the cenotaph road. Never mind. There is always a next time. Located bang opposite to Malaysian Consulate, this is quiet a small place that can accommodate 15-20 people at a time. Interiors are classy and neatly done. Small cute things catches your eye.

We were a group of 15 people. We ordered hell lot of things. Before moving on to the food, here is a big salute to the staff for keeping up with us, taking orders amongst utter confusion and chaos and managing to deliver the food in time. We had mixed order of fries that comes in different types. We had the classic/beef chilli and bacon & cheese fries. The beef chilli fries was nothing but regular fries topped with minced beef gravy. It was just yumm. So was the bacon and cheese fries. To top the taste, the fries are served in cute little buckets :) The non-veg nachos (I guess it was chicken) was good. But again the nachos was the packeted ones tasting more salty :O

Burger orders were flying. Beef, pork, single patty, double patty, with bacon without bacon and so on. I had an illegal burger. Yep !! You read it right :) The description of this burger was "DO NOT eat this ridiculously awesome beef burger unless you're really, REALLY hungry". The burger was ridiculously awesome and I felt full, that I even skipped dinner today :O Perfect buns, that doesn't fall apart as you devour the burger. Juicy, perfectly grilled, well seasoned patty, topped with cheese, mayo, some beans, lettuce and tomatoes. The patty was amazingly juicy and succulent, every bite was delightful. And yayy, this time I improvised in eating burgers Just 3 tissues and not a big mess. And the patty didn't slip too :)

Simply as they've mentioned it was awesomeness between breads.

Tried some drinks too. The oreo shake was heavenly. Thickest shake I've ever had under this name. And served in mini plastic pots. Portions are really huge. The strawberry shake was good but too sweet for my liking. The coldest cold coffee was a bit mild flavoured one for me. Didn't like the watermelon & cucumber combination one. Reminded me of my detox juice :O

They also have a wide selection of sandwiches and salads. I was already stuffed till nose. Was even too full for desserts. Have to try them next time. Burgers costs around 275-300 bucks. Total bill was shared and it came to 650 per head. For the taste and quantity, it's worth the money.

Place      : Double Roti
Location : Teynampet. Opposite to Malaysian consulate
Cuisine   : Continental, burgers and sandwiches. Beef & Pork are served here
Cost       : 1200-1500 bucks for two people approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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