Tanto Pizzeria

Eating out in Pondy is very very rare for us. Since in-laws are from pondy, husband usually likes to eat his mom's food and vice versa. Only exception is that we gorge the masala poori and kulfi, every single day (for dinner) we stay there. Pondy houses a lot of amazing eateries. Thanks to Auroville and the french population in Pondy, the food you get there is just brilliant. Tanto Pizzeria has been in my wishlist for the past 4-5 years. Yes !! You read it rite. I've been wanting to eat here for such a long time. We tried a couple of times during our trip to Pondy. Didn't workout though. Last summer, when I was travelling with kid to Pondy, stopped by their ECR outlet and tried a pizza. I was just bowled over. From then on I was pestering hubby to take me to the Auroville branch. And finally it happened after a year. Checked out their Auroville outlet last Saturday for lunch.

Excellent ambiance. 80% open dining area with lots of trees for shade and nice breeze. Even though the place is run by an Italian, the seating and cutleries are very indian :) We ordered for a portion of french fries, a carrot & apple juice and a watermelon juice. French fries were okay. Nothing to rave about. Both the juices were too good. No sugar or ice. Its just freshly extracted juice and was very refreshing for the summer. 

Later we ordered a Spicy veg pizza and a Mediterranean pizza with masala chicken toppings. While waiting for the pizzas, I checked in their wood fire oven. The dome shaped oven is so big with wood logs burning on one side and the pizzas on the other side. Since the pizzas are thin crusted ones, it's just matter of minutes for your pizzas to get ready. By the time I started clicking few pics, our order were ready !!!

The spicy veg pizza comes with Jalapenos, tomato, paneer, mushrooms, onion and garlic. Since hubby doesn't like mushrooms, we asked to omit that in the toppings. The staff informed that we can choose any other topping instead of mushrooms and we chose olives. The Mediterranean one comes with tomatoes, basil, olives and capers along with spicy, juicy chunks of chicken. The thin crusted, wood fire pizzas have a distinct smoky taste. The crust is so thin that at times, it collapses in the centre when you pick it up with the toppings. The edges seemed to be burnt. But it didn't taste so. Loaded with cheese and excellent sauce, the pizzas were just out of the world. I just had one slice of the spicy veg. Comparatively I liked the Non-veg one. He he he :) The meat was soft and juicy and blended well with the other toppings. Only let down in this pizza was the matured, big basil leaves scattered above the pizza. Taste wise no complaints at all.

By this time I was almost full. So controlled the urge of trying the pastas and went straight ahead to the desserts. The kulfi was so so. The chocolate mousse was lip smacking good. Smooth and velvet-y dark chocolate mousse with bits of orange rinds were just heavenly. Their Panna Cotta's are equally good too. Very creamy and silky the vanilla panna cotta comes with seasonal fruit compote topping. I got the chance of having mango panna cotta which was simply yummm.

In general, an excellent place for great pizzas at a decent price. A starter, 2 drinks, couple of pizzas and couple of desserts costs around 1300 bucks. Ambiance may at times become a bit of trouble, as I have to guard my pizzas against the small leaves falling off the trees.

Place : Tanto Pizzeria
Location : Auroville & ECR near auroville outpost
Cuisine : Italian. Veg and Non - veg
Cost : A meal for 2 should come around 1000 bucks.

*A must try place when you visit pondy, if you like pizzas*

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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