Maplai V2.0 - Pudhu Maplai !!!

How good do you feel, when you come to know that your feedbacks are taken seriously? It's really a pleasure to know that someone is listening. Not for the name sake like leave your number we will get back to you and the phone never rings. And how about leaving a feedback and within ten minutes somebody calls you to address the issue (can't even say it as an issue. It was just a minor hiccup) you've raised. At least to me that's brilliant follow up. One such experience was from the guys at Maplai.

Warning !!!! This is a post about a lunch experience for which I paid and also about the food bloggers meet that happened couple of days ago for dinner. So it's going to be quiet long with lots of pictures and details. Go ahead..

First let me talk about the food we had at the bloggers meet for dinner. We were invited to try out their signature dishes along with some new ones. It was a customised menu, available for banquet. The veg menu would cost you 699 bucks and the non - veg at 899. We were a group of 6 out of which one was a veggie soul. So we got to taste both the veg and non-veg menu. It was raining food later. Orange & Pomegranate Daiquiri - A mocktail with pulpy orange and pomegranate syrup and pearls. It was pretty good before stirring and after stirring oops!! The Chilli blue sea was excellent one with the kick of chilli. Nandu rasam was thin and spicy with loads of pepper.

Among the various starters, kozhi ka thakkali, naatu kozhi fry, thanjavur kair katti kola (Maplai's signature dish), paneer ka thakkali, crispy fried kaigari, karukku murukku vendaikkai were very good. Particularly the chicken ka thakkali was excellent. With a spicy and tangy n mildly sweet tomato based marinade, with crunchy garlic pieces and onions this one was the show stopper. The veg variant that had paneer was equally good. The naatu kozhi fry was juicy and good. Kair katti kola urundai was spectacular as usual. I still stand by my previous experience that it's a bit messy to take off the threads and eat the urundai. The mirpakaya chicken was good too. Chicken well cooked in a spicy mix with bell peppers was spot on. The karukku murukku vendaikkai was thinly sliced ladies finger deep fried. Though it tasted good, I felt it left some oily after taste which I personally don't like. The mushroom 2015, tasted like chicken 65. It lacked a tad bit of salt but the accompanying mayonnaise made for it.

Vazhaipoo kair katti kola urundai 

Karukku Murukku Vendaikkai

Nattu Kozhi Fry

Mushroon 65

Chicken Ka Thakkali

Mirpakaya Chicken

Crispy fried Kaikari

Some starters like chettinad scotched eggs, crispy guntur corn, mutton chukka, kaadai fry and muttai veppudu didn't impress us like the ones above did. While discussing this with Mr.Kamesh, the marketing manager, we realised that the taste depends more on the personal liking.

Crispy Guntur Corn

Mutton Chukka

Chettinad Scotched eggs

Muttai Veppudu

By this time we were so stuffed. We requested them to bring just sample portions in the main course. We had parotta, idiyappam with elli mamsa (mutton gravy) and ayira meen kuzhambu. Both the gravies were good. Especially the ayira meen kuzhambu was tangy, a bit spicy and lip smackingly good. Initially I refused to have the idiyappam. But after tasting the kuzhambu, I had two idiyappams :) They also served chicken biriyani, thallu vandi (push cart/ street food style) style chicken fried rice. Both the things were good. But I've had better ones, so passing it on.

For desserts/drinks we had bovonto ice cream soda. If you love Bovonto then you would love this drink. Once you mix in the vanilla ice cream with bovonto, it tastes like milkshake with fizz having the flavour of bovonto which I absolutely loved. The Skandesheikh had the flavour of panchamritham. Absolutely brilliant and innovative drink. The musk melon smoothie was perfect. The Karupatti misu, south indian version of Tiramisu, had a very mild/faint flavour of karupatti (palm jaggery) which I didn't like. But fellow foodies liked it a lot.

A day after the food bloggers meet, I visited them again for lunch with dad and bro. This time we settled for fish meals, mushroom 65, chicken ka thakkali and guntur prawn fry for starters. The starters were spot on. No complaints taste wise and portion wise. The fish meals comes with a portion of fish fry, omelette, parotta and nethili meen kuzhambu along with rasam, payasam, poriyal, keerai vadai, and panagam & neer more. The meen kuzhambu, fry, payasam was very good. Rest of the items were just average. But priced at 249, I think its definitely VFM. Just the meat alone is limited. Rest of the items are unlimited. 

For desserts we had my favourite tirunelveli halwa, couple of skanda sheikh and a jigirthanda. Though the alwa doesn't look/taste like iruttu kadai halwa, the presentation is too good. As a whole the taste is excellent. The light saltiness from the butter biscuit and the salted caramel peanut brittle and the sweet & warm halwa with a dash of fresh cream is just divine. All these set us back by 2000 bucks.

For a premium experience of south indian delicacies, and some twist to the usual dishes that already exists in our day to day life, do visit Maplai.

Place : Maplai
Location : Nungambakkam, Lane oppposite to Loyolla College.
Cuisine : South Indian delicacies Veg & Non-veg
Cost : A meal for two would cost around 1500 approximately

P.S : This write up is based on personal experiences only. Also based on multiple visits.

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Crimson Nights - Food, Fun & Frolic !!

Here I am with Crimson Chakra again. Yeah I know. I can keep talking, in fact raving about the food forever. When the food is so good you can't stop going gaga about it. Yesterday, had a chance to dine with the man who nurtures Crimson Chakra. It turned out to be a dinner to remember. We were invited to try out some of the new dishes that are soon going to be a part of the menu along with the signature dishes of CC.

Rite from the starters to the drinks to the main course to the desserts, everything was spot on. I stuffed myself with so much of food, I felt like I was in food coma for a while :P We had the Blue Marine, Iced tea and Masala Thumbs Up. The Iced tea was so refreshing. We lost count of the number of times the masala thumbs up was served :) The starters like Chicken kebab, uppu milagu kari, tangy butter fish and the stir fried prawn olivette were excellent. Especially the prawn was simply mind blowing. Easily I can say its the best I've had on prawns so far. It was juicy bursting with flavours. The Lazis paneer tikka was very soft and was well seasoned.

Loritto Potato

Loritto Potato

Chicken Sonari Kebab

Lazis Paneer Tikka

Stir Fried Prawn Olivette

Tangy Butter Fish

Tangy Butter Fish

Uppu Milagu Kari

Main course was a mix of continental dishes and CC's very own smoked rice with curries and parathas and naan. The chicken leeks pasta was so creamy, a bit tangy with the pasta Al Dente. The chicken nanterre had chicken stuffed with mushrooms dressed with a beautiful sauce and a perfect mashed potatoes by the side. The blackened cottage cheese steak had an amazing tomato sauce. Sadly I didn't get to taste the cottage cheese, as the only poor veggie soul was longing enough to have something. And then came my favourite Smoked rice. veg and chicken. Along with some chettiar's mutton curry I gobbled over as if there is no tomorrow. And the first timer's were literally bowled over by the taste of the smoked rice.

Chicken and Leeks Pasta

Stuffed Chicken Nanterre

Stuffed Chicken Nanterre

Stuffed Chicken Nanterre

Blackened Cottage Cheese Steak

Paneer Kurchan
By this time I was so full and I had a little place left for the desserts. We tasted the orange chocolate mousee and the warm nutty fudge brownie with ice cream. The mousse had a distinct flavour of orange that reminded me of the cream biscuits I used to have as a child. Digging through a layer of fresh cream, into the chocolate mousse along with the orange mousse and some cake in between is definitely an experience with flavours and textures. The brownie was perfect. It lived up to its name. It was warm, it was nutty, fudgy and gooey in the center and tasted heavenly with the ice cream and chocolate sauce.

To sum it up an excellent dinner with great company. Crimson Chakra never disappoints me. Waiting to go back and try the new dishes once again along with my ever favourite smoked rice :)

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