Rahhams Families International

There are lot of established restaurants from Banglore and other places opening up their branches in Chennai. One such place was Rahhams Families International. When it opened people as usual were raving about their food in Banglore and saw/read some of them even saying that Chennai is truly blessed with them opening here. I was like Excuse me!!! Seriously. I usually go to these over hyped/ much talked places after a considerable period of time. You get to see the real value after the honeymoon period :)

So when Dad, Bro and myself decided to dine out, we narrowed down to Sea Shell, Nalas and this one after eliminating quiet a few options. Inspite of my brother warning about their inconsistency (He was served undercooked chicken twice) I still felt going here as the other two places have been visited umpteen times. Oh Boy !!! What a horrendous mistake it was :(

They have a busy take away and juice counters at the reception. The dining area welcomes you with a display of their speciality dishes. Dining area is spacious and the ambiance is simple and neat. Menu is quiet huge with selections spread across Arabian, Indian and Italian (this one was weird though).

To start with we ordered a hot and sour chicken soup, vanjiram/seer fish fry, pahadi kebab and a arabian and mexican shawarma. The soup was neither hot nor sour but salty. The fish fry lacked salt and was not happy with the marination/spices. The pahadi kebab was decent, but the overall experience was spoiled by the burnt pieces. The only saving grace of the evening was the shawarma. It was meaty and juicy with the flavours being perfect.

Moving to the main course we went for mutton biriyani, couple of masala kulchas and chicken kalimirchi. Masala kulcha was okayish. The chicken kalimirchi had no flavour of pepper instead weirdly it had a over pouring taste of curry leaves. And the chicken pieces also didn't blend with the gravy. It tasted like it was cooked/grilled separately and added to the gravy later. The biggest disappointment of the day was the mutton biriyani. It was too oily, the rice was undercooked and the meat was rock hard and rubbery, with no flavour.

Even they goofed up the falooda. The Royal falooda had nothing royal about it in taste. It was just a tall glass filled up with vanilla and a very poor strawberry ice cream with apples, apples and nothing but apples. No sign of cherries/jellies/nuts or any other fruits.

A special mention to the painstakingly slow service. The glasses were not filled till the starters arrived. That too have to ask them to do so. The kebab and the shawarma was served without the dip/chutney. On asking upon they brought it to the table. Again the accompaniments for the biriyani were not served. It arrived later on reminding them twice. A pathetic service :(

All the above set us back by 2000 bucks. Will I go back? Nope. I don't think so.

Place     : Rahhams Families International
Location : Anna Nagar. Near Valliammal College, Oppostie to Thalappakatti
Cuisine  : Arabian, Indian, Chinese Veg & Non - Veg
Cost     : A meal for two would cost around 1000-1200 bucks approximately.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. 

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