Have you ever thought of how a kid would feel when you take him to a candy store? Have you ever had the urge to grab everything on the display counter and stuff your face with that? Have you ever felt the sugar rushing in your blood just by the site of pastries/chocolate? Well, if you want to feel all these, the one place you gotta be at is Zuka at Puduchery.

If not for my cousin, who is an ardent foodie himself, I would've never known about this place. Last year, he told me about this place and its Chocolate Pakoda when we were talking. After finishing a treatment class for my son at Ashram's school for eyesight, thought of trying out this place. The moment I entered this small place at the end of Mission Street, I felt like I was in heaven that is made of chocolates. I literally wanted to grab everything available there. Each and every item was so so so inviting.

To start with their chocolate pakodas are simply yummm. A cluster of roasted mixed nuts coated with dark/milk/white chocolate. Priced at Rs. 35 per piece, its too good. Crispy nuts and the yumminess of chocolate always makes you go for the second one. I personally like dark and white flavours more than the milk chocolate. Then comes the truffles in various flavours. And the rum filled chocolates. And then the mousse, tarts and melting pots. Everytime I visit, I see at least 7-8 varieties of mousse on display. I'm hooked to the double espresso and the rum based one. Both are a bit bitter, more chocolate-y and has the perfect kick of rum/espresso. The caramel melting pot and the butterscotch tart are to die for. 

And a special special mention to their hot chocolate. More than the taste, the presentation wins hands down. A medium sized cup of hot chocolate, served with cubes of chocolates to add on along with a chocolate spoon to stir it up. Can it get any more chocolate-y ????

Gosh !!! If I continue writing, its like I have to write pages and pages. Just stopping here, as I'm both tired and in lost of words describe the taste/feeling. Whenever you go to pondy, do try this place for that feeling of Chocorgasm :))

Place : Zuka Choco - La 
Location : Mission Street, Puduchery
Cuisine : Chocolates, Chocolates and more chocolates
Cost : Starting from 35 bucks goes up as high as 150 bucks

FoodPecker highly recommends this place for all those who love chocolates.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Also based on multiple visits over a period of time.

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