Bombay Lassi

There are hell lot of places in my wishlist, which never gets checked off due to two main reasons. One is distance. Hubby hates the idea of travelling all the way from South to North just to have some snacks. Another obvious reason would be that place may be hardcore non vegetarian. To visit such places I have my brother to accompany me. We both don't mind distance. What matters for us is the food :) So this Summer, when I was staying with dad for few days, we decided to check out at least one or two places from my wish list.

One fine evening we decided to gulp down some lassi from Bombay Lassi and then some juicy meat from kebab corner. We started all the way from Korattur to Mount Road for some lassi. Bombay Lassi is a very popular place among foodie buddies. They are famous for their lassi and other short eats. Located exactly near the back gate of Devi theatre in Mount Road, this place is damn busy in the evenings. Forget the idea of taking car. If you do so, park it somewhere else and walk. We reached the place exactly at the time when some show got over in the theatre. The place was so crowded. 

Managed to get couple of samosas first. Served in the leaf with green and tamarind chutney, the samosas were piping hot. One side of the shop has a set up to make samosas and deep fry them and the other side kachori's are done in batches. To be frank, I'm more of a samsa girl. And I don't prefer samosas. Actually when talking with a friend the same, I was surprised to hear that he doesn't know the difference between samosa and samsa. I was like seriously!!! Come on. How can one not know such an important information. Talk about GK, identifying/differentiating coffee served in international chains and all. Shucks. Talk about western culture dominating us. Hell yeah :) Enough  of my rantings. Lets get back to business. As told I don't like samosas, This one had an crispy exteriors. Very mildly spiced filling with chunks of potato. Can't comment anything else more than that. The Kachori was just good. I found it had much lesser filling than usual. But the sev sprinkled on top made up for it.

Special lassi at 50 bucks was thick and creamy with lots of malai and sugar sprinkled on the top. But is it worth the hype? I doubt it. A big tray of thick set curd and a electrical churner does the job for to make lassi. I liked the touch of sprinkling sugar on the top. Above all the things we had, the one thing which I loved the most was the Jalebi. Hot and crisp, it was yummy. Every bite left the syrup oozing and wanting for more. I packed some gajar halwa but unfortunately missed the parcel at another place :(

A must try place if you are some where near mount road.

Place     : Bombay Lassi
Location : Mount Road, Off Ellis Road. At the back gate of the Devi Theatre.
Cuisine : Short eats, sweets and lassi. Vegetarian
Cost      : Very pocket friendly. Samosas at 10 bucks and lassi at 50.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. 

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