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Can you associate yourself with one particular restaurant for unforgettable memory/memories? If somebody asks me which is your favourite restaurant, I may struggle to choose from a long list. But if somebody asks me a restaurant which is special to you, I would say this one without giving it a second thought. This was the venue for our first date. We had just a month between our engagement and marriage. Since both of us were working in Chennai, He chose this place for our first dinner. That was my first encounter with Mexican food and fell in love with that then :) (Need not to say the other one that I fell for :P)

From then on, We frequent this place. Couple of years later, when they shut the place for renovation, another place in Nungambakkam (some texas fiesta or something. Don't remember) helped to an extent. Hubby swears by the fact that they serve the best/close to authentic Mexican food here. A very small place, sharing the space with a Hot Bread outlet, the interiors are neatly done. Live kitchen on one side and the busy Cathedral/Radhakrishnan Salai on the other side, this place lets you to spend some quality time with your folks.

The advantage of eating in the same place regularly for over a period of 9 years is that you get immense knowledge on the menu. What is good? What can be tried? What you should strictly stay away from and all :) All these years, I've never seen hubby ordering anything else other than veg nachos for starters, strawberry margarita and veg chimi changas. I, on the other side have tried a lot (Does that need to be said :P) As of all the places I've eaten Nachos, I would say, that this place serves the best of the lot. Unlike other places which serves the packeted nachos, here you get light, thin and crisp Nachos. And with loads of gooey cheese and beans, it simply tastes perfect with that salsa and sour cream. The salsa is too good. Fresh and tangy, it is that good, I always end up emptying 2-3 cups everytime :) Chicken Nachos are equally good. If you want to have a taste of everything, the fiesta platter is the best option. Nachos, quesadillas and flautas all in one. The portions are huge.

The margarittas tastes more like granitas :P But I still like them. Especially the strawberry and black currant. The salted rim of the glass is what attracts me the most :)

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