Sree Andhra Tiffins

When it comes to eating out at Pondy, we just keep ourselves to the street foods alone. Masala poori, kulfi and ice cream. That is all my food experience in Pondy. Very rarely, very very rarely, we dine in restaurants. Surguru is the default choice of the family. And the other one is Sree Andhra Tiffins. A small place with a typical mess kind of set up, this place serves mouth watering (I mean it) Andhra delicacies.

Though they serve both lunch and dinner, I've had the chance to be here for the dinner alone. Just 7-8 tables. A couple of fans which sweat more than us to keep the heat down. 4 staff members running around with a big plate carrying our orders. Idli, different types of dosai, kuzhi paniyaram, adai, aappam, idiyappam and pesarattu along with chappathi. This is what you get here. Sambhar, peanut chutney, red chutney and ginger chutney are the accompaniments. For aapam & idiyappam u get coconut milk. Some days they also have set dosai and vadai curry. The kara dosai and kadappa dosai are special here. The kadappa dosai is more spicier than the kara dosai. Former is just masala dosai with a smearing of red chilli paste that gives the oomph factor. The kara dosai is the one with podi inside along with the red chutney. On a scale of 10, I can take spice till 9. But I can never finish half of the kadappa dosai without gulping down ice cold water. But I love it. Every time I go here, I never miss this one.

Kadappa Dosai

Kara Dosai

Kuzhi Paniyaram and pesarattu are perfect no complaints. A special mention to the ginger chutney. Its deep dark red in colour, tastes a bit sour n tangy first and slowly the heat of ginger starts kicking ur taste buds. Aappam are soft and spongy and eating it after soaking it in coconut milk is simply yummy. The set dosai is thick and soft and goes well with the spicy, aromatic vada curry.

Do not miss the coconut + suji laddo available at the billing counter/reception/cash counter. Priced at 6 per piece, it's too good. That too after a super hot n spicy dinner, you will definitely need atleast one to soothe ur burning tongue :P

The place is not air conditioned. The atmosphere as well as the food is super hot, so you will sweating like as if you are doing a marathon. Don't expect any ambiance at all. Service may take a tad bit time. So whenever they approach you with a plateful of food, grab some if you have an empty leaf.

Prices are super cheap. All dosais are 35 bucks each. Idiyappam at 15 per piece. Even if you gorge upon the bill won't go more than 150-200.

Place : Sree Andhra Tiffins
Location : Kosakadai Street, (Couple of buildings next to Lakshmi Jewellery) Puduchery
Cuisine  :Pure Veg, Andhra - Lunch & Dinner
Cost : A meal for two would cost around 200 bucks (Very good eaters)

Food Pecker highly recommends this place for pocket friendly, veg andhra delicacies. 

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. It is also based on multiple visits to the same place over a period of time. 


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