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If you are a person who don't mind the ambiance/air condition/noise level or any other factor but only food, please go ahead. Rest this post may not help you. I always love the mess food. Food here are no mess taste wise as well as cost wise. As an ode to the mess in Chennai, there'll be a series "Mesmerising Messes" in Food Pecker. Will try to cover the great mess food I've had so far in Chennai.

Starting the series with my neighbourhood. This one was introduced to me by my hubby. I'm having food from here for almost 6 years but never dined there :P Whenever we crave for some homely Andhra food and also too tired to go out, this place is our saviour. At least once in a month we do a take away/parcel from here for a weekend lunch.

Lunch is pretty simple and standard here. Podi, Pappu, sambhar, rasam, majjiga pulusu (morkulambu), kootu, appalam, curd and a veggie fry is the standard lunch menu. Omelette, egg burji and chicken curry are also available separately. The rice quantity is humongous and is enough for 2 normal eaters.

The podi is less spicy when compared to the usual Andhra podis. But it tastes perfect when had with the pappu. Though the menu/items are standard, they just change the veggies in each dish. I've so far tasted mammidikka pappu (Mango dal), keerai pappu, plain and tomato pappu. All are mindblowingly good and tastes divine with generous dose of ghee and a spicy side.

The chutney is too good. Particularly the gongura and the ginger chutney are mindblowing. Spicy and a tad bit tangy, they are very good for rice with podi/pappu/majjiga pulusu/curd. Sambhar is so so. Basically I have a strong feeling that Andhraites are not very good in making sambhar as Tamilians do. Hey no hard feelings huh !!! I love the majjiga pulusu. Thin, light and delicious, it tastes between sour and tangy. Whenever I get this, I have at least 2 servings of rice with this. And eating this with the chutney/veggie fry by the side is yummylicious :) The veggies are usually deep fried and are crunchy and yummy. If you dine there its unlimited. They keep serving it. I love the ladies finger/snake gourd/ bitter gourd/mixed veg fry from them. Particularly the bitter gourd has no trace of bitterness. Rasam is good sometimes and passable most of the times. If its garlic rasam, I heat it slightly and drink it as soup. It has strong flavour of garlic and the heat from the red chillies, really helps during blocked nose/sore throat.

The omelette and egg bhurji are decent for the price. The egg bhurji is loaded with onions and is spicy. The chicken curry is just normal. Nothing to rave about though.

The prices are pretty cheap. A parcel meal is 65 bucks which will feed 2 normal eaters comfortably. I think if you have it there its only 55-60 bucks. The omelette is priced at 15 bucks and bhurji at 20. Chicken curry with 2-3 medium pieces of chicken is 50 bucks. If you love Andhra meals, this is one of the places to have it in home style.

Place      : Sri Siva Sai Andhra Mess
Location  : Thiruvanmiyur. When you come from tidel to thiruvanmiyur, take the first left. This mess comes just opposite to the euro kids play school.
Cuisine   : Andhra meals. Veg & Non Veg
Cost       : Meal for 2 comes around 150 - 180 bucks approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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