Waffles Thru The Day

Ever since we saw the prawn & avocado and savoury waffles in their menu we were planning to try out this place. The plan to visit them on their opening day, came down like a house of cards as  they had restricted operational hours on their reopening day, which didn't work well for us. From then on we were planning planning and planning. When it comes to food, you never give up you know. One fine day, three of us decided to check this place for lunch and oh boy, delight it was.

Location wise, it's like playing a maze game. There are no proper sign boards to lead to this place from the main roads (on bringing the same to the owner's notice, we were informed, she is working on putting up boards in main places). To reach this place, take the lane next to corporation bank and take the first right. Keep going and this place comes on your right side 3-4 buildings before the end of the road. Though google maps announced that, I've reached the destination, I couldn't figure it out. Tucked in the basement of an apartment, it can be missed easily, with lots of cars parked in the sides.

A deep dark wooden board welcomes you. The basement, which was once a real estate/builders office is now converted into a cafe. Well spaced tables, split in three different arrangements with a bright lit ambiance is very welcoming. The menu is a huge chart with mouth watering description of waffles/pancakes/crepes both sweet and savoury. They also have some gourmet dishes like the prawn n avocado pancakes which are available over the weekend. The cutleries are custom made and looks elegant.

They serve lemon tea on the house. They brew the tea in the morning and add sliced oranges to it to seep through all day. It tasted more like flavoured water than a tea for me. Since we were much attracted by the savoury waffles, we decided to share a couple of savoury waffles and a sweet one amongst us. Along with some drinks. The owner Ms. Meenakshi is a very sweet and charming lady with loads of passion towards what she is doing. She suggested us to step down on the order. She thought it will be too much for us. Ha here again we and our potential being underestimated :) We went on with a Mediterranean waffle, a classic waffles with poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms and chicken sausages, a chocolate chip waffle and baked potato with sour cream, along with a couple of hot chocolates and a mocha.

The Mediterranean waffle, a savoury waffle comes with corn, olives, capsicum and tomatoes along with feta cheese. Instead of just loading the ingredients as toppings, this one had the ingredients embedded in the waffle itself. Like they throw the corn, olive and other stuffs over the waffle iron first and then they pour the waffle batter. Even the batter had minced mix of these stuffs. And the crumbled feta over the top was brilliant. The saltiness from feta cutting through the naturally sweet waffle batter, along with a kick of pungent mustard sauce, it was yumm.

Then came the classic waffles with poached eggs, sautéed mushrooms and chicken sausages. Initially, we had forgotten we ordered for poached eggs, and when the waffles came in  we thought it was huge blob of whipped cream. Digging it rite away gave us the surprise of this perfectly poached eggs. The yolk oozing out like melted gold, it was such a sight. Taste wise, it was just okay. There was nothing to tie the beautiful waffles, poached eggs, mushroom and sausage. Everything was good on its own separately, but there was something missing as a whole dish. The chocolate chip waffles is a sweet one. It comes with two waffles drizzled with generous amount of chocolate sauce and two scoops of ice creams. Vanilla and chocolate. The chocolate chip waffle was a yumm with that chocolate sauce and ice cream and the waffles had a nice cinnamon touch to it. Its best to have it warm. The baked potato with sour cream was good. We were served one huge potato and the trouble was, the potatoes were not baked uniformly. Just a slit in the potato and sour cream in that would have been more tastier. The salad that was served along was simply mind blowing. Mix of crunchy veggies in French vinaigrette dressing was fresh and refreshing.

While talking to Meena, she was saying how she fell in love with waffles the first time she had them in San Diego. She insisted that we should try the Mina's buttermilk waffle triangles. Traditionally the pancake syrup is poured over the triangles and dusted with cinnamon. It was a bit messy but delicious. The hot chocolate was good but too sweet.

We were told that there is no salt/sugar added to the waffles. Every table has salt, sugar, cinnamon powder and pancake syrup so that one can add more seasoning according to their choice. All the above cost us 1500 bucks. The buttermilk waffles and a scoop of ice cream for pretty Aarika was on the house. Overall, a nice place to have waffles. Not just for dessert. But as a meal itself. They are open from 7.30 am to 10 pm.

Place           : Waffles Thru The Day
Location      : Indira Nagar, Adyar. 
Cuisine        : Waffles & Pancakes both sweet and savoury
Cost           : A meal for two should come around 1000 bucks.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.


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  1. Lovely review as always and super awesome pics as expected

  2. Crisp and Clear! Love waffles and the pics speak volumes! Must explore the place sometime soon! Thank you!

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