A Year...A Half Century...A Toast !!!

Food Pecker turns ONE ! This is my anniversary post and I'm so excited for so many reasons. First of all, I'm super happy that this little space of mine for my passion, thriving its first year. Words cannot describe the feeling of putting in countless hours doing something you absolutely love and watching it flourish. Second, I'm also celebrating half a century of posts. Yes. This is my 50th post and I cannot believe I've written so much in a year. To celebrate all this, this anniversary post goes back to the beginning and is loaded with a little history, milestones, messages from fellow foodies and more.

Though I've been blogging since 2007 (just sweet nothings) and have written about food here and there in that, I never thought of starting an exclusive one for food. After giving it a serious thought for months/years, I finally did it on July 2014. From then on nothing stopped me and no looking back. I've not mastered blogging/photography but I am happy with my progress. I'm slowly learning the ways to express how I see food through words and photos. 

The first restaurant I wrote about was Azzuri Bay. That was about 20 days after starting the blog.

The second one, Prems Grama Bhojnam is the most popular post till date.

The 25th post was on Coco Jaunt and that happened to be my first bloggers meet.

During the Coco Jaunt event, I had a chance to meet my fellow foodie buddies in person. Blogging has given me a platform to learn from many people whom I look upon to. Be it photography, be it the knowledge about how the industry functions, more insight on food across the country/world from friends who've experienced it and what not. I'm so thankful to my friends and well wishers, who keep me in the rite track. Here is what few of them think about Food Pecker.

Vidhya Chandrasekaran is one of the popular food bloggers in Facebook food groups and I have been following her posts for quite sometime now.  Being a foodie myself, I love her style of writing.  She's elaborate, but at the same time, not boring.  There's just enough description to keep it interesting all the way till the end.  After reading her blog, you pretty much have all the details you need to make a choice of visiting a place or not.  Amazing food photographs add to the reading experience.  On the occasion of completion of one year of blogging, I wish her the very best and look forward to many more yummy food pictures and experiences! ~ Murali a.k.a mukasash.com

Vidhya Chandresekaran caught my attention when she blogged about Prems Graama Bhojanam much before it became very popular in WCE or Zomato. I like her for her simplicity of language clarity of expression. I respect her simple love for food. Another 5 years, mark my word she will be a well known and respected blogger. ~ N.S.Krishnamoorthi, Restaurateur, Prems Grama Bhojanam

One of the most aesthetically written food blogs I've ever come across from one of my most trusted reviewers. I might have not gone to the places she has been to, but the pictures will make me forget that. Congratulations to Food Pecker. This is just the beginning :) ~ Gopinath Rajendran, Certified Reviewer, Zomato

Food Pecker is the one I look forward for updates on food and restaurants. As the saying goes "A picture says a thousand words". Damn good pictures that make me drool while seeing them. And also the reviews and write up are an excellent read. ~ Syed, Certified Reviewer, Zomato

I get a thrill and sheer pleasure every time, when my photos are appreciated. Not to forget the lovely experience that I had during the Mylapore Food Walk. From this event one of my photos got published in Chennai Times of TOI. What more can I ask?

One year has passed and I want to give a great big thankya to all who have subscribed, commented, liked my post and pics. I am eternally grateful for your support. This journey means nothing if you can’t share it with others, so thanks for sticking by.  Eagerly looking on the next wonderful year and many more to follow. Time to raise a toast, clink, clink!!

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