Cleo's Grill & Cafe

When one door closes, another opens. ~ Alexander Graham Bell

A group of us were in such a situation. We knew one door was about to close. Without giving much thoughts, we unanimously decided to go with our friend's choice and this door lead us to hot and spicy and finger licking good heaven :) Tucked in the silent lane off the ever buzzing LB Road, this place is perfect for a peaceful dinner with friends/family. The interiors were stunning. The place has metallic copper-y finish to it. With gears and pulleys everywhere it's very vibrant.

Menu is simple and does justice to the name of the place. It has a collection of grilled dishes from around the world, ranging from sea food to poultry to lamb and beef. We went with Nags suggestions on chicken wings, as he had already tasted it. Along with the wings we also had Chicken Piquante and Harissa grilled prawns. All the three starters were mind blowing. The wings were juicy and plump and had this perfect 'V' shape. The chicken piquante was melt in the mouth kind of meat and was damn spicy. It was soo good that we went for another round :) The harissa grilled prawns were perfectly cooked with a generous coating of harissa sauce marinade. All the starters were accompanied with harissa dip. It was damn good and added extra heat to the already spicy starters. The purple cabbage salad accompanying the starters were a bit tangy and sweet and complimented the spicy meat very well.

We also ordered few drinks along with the starters. A lime mint cooler, a chilli blue sea, a super thick chocolate shake and a lime chilli. The lime mint cooler was good but not mint-y. Both the chilli blue and the lime chilli had a faint trace of chilli. The chocolate shake tasted like hershey's syrup and the kid enjoyed it a lot.

We wanted to keep the main course simple. So we went with Cleo's Grilled Fish n Chips and a chicken schezwan rice and chicken sichuan gravy to go with the rice. Though the main course was good, and we did not have any issues with the food, after all those hot n spicy starters, the maincourse didn't impress us that much. The fish was grilled perfectly and served with a portion of fries, sauteed veggies and mashed potatoes. The fish came with a creamy white sauce which was quiet bland. I ate the fish with the harissa dip that was served with the starters. Rice came in pretty big portion and tasted good. Unlike the fierry red schezwan we used to get in other oriental places, this was quiet subtle. So was the gravy.

The desserts options are limited and nothing exciting. So we took one chocolate pannacotta and a mango cheesecake in  a glass. The pannacotta was heavenly. It can't get anymore chocolate-y than this. Everyone of us were going ooh ahh with each and every spoonful ;) Something was wrong with the cheesecake. We felt it tasted weird. So we sent it back and got another pannacotta instead :)

The service was very efficient. With more than one staff attending us, we got things in a swift. They were polite and friendly too. We had a chance to interact with the chef and the owner. They took our feedbacks positively. The dinner set us back by 2500 bucks. Given the fact we ate quiet a lot it was aptly priced.

Place             : Cleos' Grill & Cafe
Location        : Indira Nagar, Adyar
Cuisine          : Veg & Non-veg, Indian & Continental
Cost             : A meal for 2 should come around 1200 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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