Food Trials : Khichda from Chaacha's Kitchen

Tried the Khichda from Chaacha's Kitchen which is a new venture to serve authentic & unique, traditional Muslim home food. Got a call from Murad, one of the brains behind CK to try out the Khichda. First thing that hit my taste bud was the richness of the dal. Khichda (may be another version of Khichdi) is a dish made up of dal, rice, mutton, ghee and other spices. Wiki says its another version of haleem, but I disagree. It resembles our very own pongal/bisibela bath, only thing is it is more rich and flavourful and needs no accompaniment. When you start eating it, you can feel the slight tangy-ness from the tomatoes and the heat from the spices sets in at the end. No bones, no disturbing whole spices is another advantage.

Unlike haleem its not too gluggy. The consistency is thick but neither pasty nor too grainy. I encountered really small pieces of tender mutton. And in some spoonful I had this fine shreds of mutton. The aroma of ghee is so invigorating.

Yes it's too heavy because of the dal + mutton + ghee combo. I struggled to have even half of it. But it can be had as a meal. Can be shared between two normal eaters. It comes in 300ml portion which costs Rs.150. Given the taste, quality & quantity its definitely worth the money spent.

Wishing Murad & Maaria all the best for their new venture. And hoping to see more delicacies from Chaacha's Kitchen.

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P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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