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There would be places, which you would have visited ages (read 6 years) ago and have totally forgotten about, as your previous experience was nothing outstanding. And one fine day, you see your friend's post about the same place and this urge to visit the place sets in. This happened to me recently with my friend sharing a photo of food from Eatalica. I was like hey, I know this place. Is it still there? and all. From thoughts to actions, three of us met here for lunch on a weekday.

No dedicated parking. If you can find a spot if you are lucky. Otherwise leave the vehicle in the side lanes and walk. That's what I did. The interiors/ambiance was completely different from my last visit. Posters on famous hollywood movies adorning the wall, more seating and bright ambiance. It can accommodate around 20 people at a time. Couple of people manning the service. The menu is just a pile of papers stapled together. We started off with a Pink Cindrella. It was lemonade that was pink in colour. It was way too sweet for me. The Oreo shake called Michelle Obama was simply yumm. Thick shake with perfect sweetness is definitely one of the best oreo shakes I've ever had. In fact I can term it as best in the city.

Friend ordered a Stew Barrymore (All the dishes are named after a celebrity and its quiet funny & weird), a soup with mushrooms and leeks. It was damn creamy and yummy with chewy mushrooms and fresh leeks. Just comfort food. It would've been great if it was served with a slice of garlic bread/toast by its side. Monica Chewinsky - chilli cheese fries, was quiet disappointing. The grated cheese didn't mix with the fries well. Infact it was like a portion of fries, topped with grated cheese which had hardened and generous sprinkling of chilli cheese. We sent it back and it came again a bit better. Still then the cheese and fries were separate. The top layer of fries alone had bits of cheese sticking to them and the ones in the bottom were plain.

For main course we opted for a Tiger Wood burger, Scooby Doo - hot dog & Joe Dimaggio Pasta. The burger comes with a patty of our choice (we chose chicken), BBQ sauce, bacon, ham, fried egg and cheese. It was super delicious and very filling but not juicy. The patty was quite smaller and it was dry. The BBQ sauce did its best to make the burger moist, but couldn't help much. The hot dog was a big disappointment. Both the sausage and the bun were dry. The cheese was of no use in lifting the pathetic dish. On the other hand the pasta, spaghetti with spinach & mushrooms in white sauce was damn good. Friend who ordered it found it a tad bit salty, but for me it was okay. It was creamy with generous amount of mushrooms and bell peppers along with spinach. The portion was quiet huge. But the garlic bread served along was not upto the mark. Soggy slice of bread, smeared with some butter, which was not even melted properly had no flavour of garlic.

The total bill was 1000 bucks. Though for the portions & taste it was quiet easy on the pockets, I would really like to see some improvement in few dishes like the garlic bread & fries. Other than that, pretty decent place to have Italian & American dishes.

Place       : Eatalica
Location  : R.A.Puram, Diagonally opposite to Billroth Hospital
Cuisine    : Italian, American Veg & Non-Veg
Cost        : A meal for two would cost around Rs.700 approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only.

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