QT Grills - United Tastes of America !!!

I have been eyeing this place for quiet sometime. After spending a good back-aching 2.5 hours at kid's karate exam and spending another hour on the two wheeler, hubby was kind enough to lemme choose the place for dinner. After all being sick has its own advantages ;)

A small and cosy place with bright red interiors. A part of the place is arranged like a bar kinda look alike with high stools. Pics of celebrities of 80's adorn the wall. Menu is kept simple with selection of various dishes under small eats, sandwiches, burger and steak along with some drinks. Surprisingly, hubby wanted to try the soup. We had chicken & roasted green pepper soup. The soup was served with crostini. The soup was fresh and had loads of well cooked cubed chicken. For starters we had, Potato crunchies and peri peri chicken skewers. Both the starters were perfectly done but lacked seasoning. The wedges lacked salt. And the chicken needed more marination. Portion wise they were good.

For mains, I was so oscillating between a burger and a steak and finally settled for a New York steak. The steak is served with pepper jus, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies and a bread roll. The steal was medium and juicy. Again it lacked a tad bit of salt but was okay to eat with the pepper sauce and mashed potatoes. The pepper sauce was full of flavours ans the mashed potato was smooth and silky. Didn't touch the bread as I didn't feel like eating it. On the other side, hubby ignored my suggestions to try a sandwich, and chose to have chicken schezwan fried rice and gobi manchurian. I was like "Oh!! Come on. Out of all that is listed, you want to have this??". And boy I was so so correct yet again. The fried was below average. It just had the colour of the schezwan rice but had nothing to with the flavour. The gobi manchurian was spicy and yumm. 

Since we were full, we skipped the desserts. The bill was 1300 for all these which I find it moderate. Service was excellent. Staff were very attentive & polite. I will definitely go back to try the burger. Oh and for the awesome 90's pop being played :)

P.S : The write up is based on personal experiences only.

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