Bombay Brasserie - Anniversary Lunch

My idea of roof top dinner for our wedding anniversary was ruled out by hubby. He took the day off, but he had to attend some calls around dinner time. So we thought why not lunch? That too came with area restriction, as he was expecting some issues from office (Did I say that he took the day off? Well now you know what is "taking a day off" for him :P ). Since I've tried out almost all the places in Adyar and this place was the new kid on the block, I thought why not? And we landed in Bombay Brasserie for lunch.

Being located on Sardar Patel Road, with valet parking is a big big advantage I say. The looks from outside may be highly deceiving. Its a house converted into a restaurant and the rooms that keep popping up until you reach the large dining area explains that. We got seated in the large area, which was super bright. Thanks to the large glass windows on one side. The ambiance is top notch. White walls, adorned with colourful pictures and the splash of colours on the furnitures were simply amazing.

A foodie friend of mine, who happened to be friends with the owner, had informed about our visit there. I don't know whether the service is usually like this (as I found the other customers were also pampered like us). If it is so, woah!! u get to have a royal treatment :) The menu card is huge with lots of option of vegetarians as well. It takes quiet sometime to navigate through the menu. We chose to have Nariyal Aur Sabz Shorba - a soup made of tender coconut water and veggies. It was a thin soup with carrot and beans. It was very mild in flavour. Though I couldn't find anything wrong with the soup, it was not of our liking. Sometimes when we try new stuffs, it'll either floor us or will fail to impress us. This soup fell in the second category. For starters, I wanted to try the paneer. Hubby is not a big fan of paneer dishes. Also, I get to choose only the non-veg starters & the veg section is his. We got tandoori gobi & Murg Soola kebab. Both of them were excellent. The murg soola kebab was brilliant. Soft & juicy well marinated chicken was melt in the mouth kinda one. The tandoori gobi, marinated with green herbs was very different and well done. In both the dishes, the marination was perfect.

For main course, we had a romali roti, ulta tawa paratha, makhana methi mutter and Bombay chicken biriyani. Romali roti was thin and soft. The tawa paratha was very soft too with a mild saffron flavour. The methi mutter was creamy with good amount of peas and puffed lotus seeds. The peas was soft while the lotus seed gave a nice crunch to the gravy. The curry was good on its own. But it didn't go well with the breads. That's because of the mild spicy nature of the curry. We saw this coming while ordering and didn't care about it. 

The biriyani was just brilliant. I usually don't like what is served as biriyani in restaurants that specialise in North Indian. I feel they serve pulao as biriyani. Well at least for us biriyani is completely different. This biriyani was done as potli biriyani. The pot is sealed with a maida base and is cooked in the oven. Once the maida seal was broken, the aroma filled up in the air and I started salivating. The biriyani was in layers. I've never had meat that was so soft, tender and juicy and well marinated in biriyani so far. The chicken was perfectly done, that you could slice it up with a spoon just like cutting through a piece of cake. On spice level, the biriyani was neither too spicy nor less. The first serving of raitha was a bit watery but the second serving was perfect.

I also had a sherbet. The kache aam ka sherbet was good with the tangy-ness from the raw mango and the mild kick of heat from the spices. I was so full by the time. Yet wanted to try the desserts. So decided to have a amritsari kulfa. It's a fusion of kulfi and falooda. The presentation of the dish was the highlight. It came over a bowl of dry ice. The smoke put up a good show. But the dessert was just average. I didn't find it to be "to die for" kind as my fellow foodies were raving about it. Instead I loved the ras-e-aam, rosgollas with rabdi and aam ras to be too too good.

The overall damage was 2.3k, which is definitely on the higher side. For this price I would like to see little more on the plate (We always do that know :P). But for the service, quality and taste, it feels okay to pay that amount.

Place          : Bombay Brasserie
Location      : Sardar Patel Road, Adyar.
Cuisine        : North Indian Veg & Non - Veg
Cost            : A meal for two would cost 2k approximately

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Bombay Brasserie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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