Cheesy, Juicy Burgers at Cheesy Juicy Burgers !!!

There was a period, when I used to run in the opposite direction, when someone says burgers. I stayed away from burgers only because of the mess I create while eating them. Off late, I find myself getting tamed??!!! on handling burgers. And wherever I go, I check for burgers.

I heard about this place from my fellow foodies n my brother. They were raving about their burgers. The only thing that stopped me was that, I heard they don't have hand wash facility. As I'm a person who literally become a butcher while having burgers I was very hesitant. One fine day, the craving was in the winning edge over the dilemma and finally thought let me do a take away. Called them up and ordered for a CJB special chilli ++ chicken burger n a tuty fruity sandwich. They promised to keep my order ready in 20 mins and kept to their words. Parking is nuisance here. LB road becomes very narrow here, forget cars even bike parking is difficult here. Parked my car near IMPCOPS and walked down.

The place is tiny with just 3 tables. My order was ready and the packing was neat. Neatly packed in plastic boxes to keep the burger in place. What I had was a double patty one. A big patty along with a omelette wrapped around a mix of chilli paste and shredded chicken. With generous amount of mayo, cheese lettuce fresh onions and tomatoes I started salivating by the very look of it. Each and every bite lived up to its name. Cheesy and juicy. And the heat from chillies exploding in your mouth while the cheese n mayo trying to subtle the heat, it was one hell of an experience. The tuty fruity sandwich was good. Crisp in the outside with sweet filling and generous amount of tutti fruity it was good. I struggled to finish the burger off. In fact I skipped dinner since I felt too full.

Last week did a take away again. This time it was The Boss, a CJB special burger. A double patty chicken burger with tandoori sauce. It was very good but not as good as the above one. The dark choco sandwich was just average.

Priced at 200 bucks this is definitely a steal for the money. I now move BHB burger to third place and putting this in 2nd place with double roti in the first position. But if I chart it by VFM this one tops the list. Will definitely go back. But only for a takeaway. Until they resolve the wash space issue I'm not going to dine in here.

Place      : Cheesy Juicy Burgers
Location  : L.B.Road, Adyar. Opposite to Bril Ink Company
Cuisine    : Burgers and sandwiches, veg & non-veg
Cost        : A double patty chicken burger starts from 200 bucks. Given the taste, I feel its absolutely VFM.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. 

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