Cream Stone, Alwarpet

Every time, when kiddo gets his answer sheets I used to get him ice cream (No. We never care about the scores). Recently, it has become a ritual for us that, every time he finishes an exam we go out for ice creams. We also took an oath that we will eat ice cream from every single place in the city (Idhuvallavo latchiyam :P ). So this time, we decided to try out the new kid in the town - Cream Stone.

Located in the prime area with car parking is a huge plus for them. The moment you enter the outlet, the big cold stone welcomes you. The glass jars with colourful candies catches the eye. They know how to shoot up the excitement of kids :) The seating area is made with pink & brown decor which gives a feel of candy land with some chocolate :P

Settled for a candy land for kid and death by chocolate for me. Ice creams arrived quickly. The candy land was a mix of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with loads of jellys, gems and other candies. It was yummy. The vanilla & strawberry has blended perfectly and the little gems and jellos in between, enhanced the experience. On the other hand, the death by chocolate was nothing to die for. You name something as death by chocolate and go on adding vanilla in that??? !!! How weird it is?? Though the ice cream was creamy and good, even the chocolate scoop was nothing chocolatey. The fudge sauce and the chocolate cake tried to do their best and they were the only reason, I finished the sundae. For the name, Death by Chocolate, I would love to have every spoonful screaming chocolate.

Altogether, the ice creams were good but not extraordinary. Service was pretty quick and the staff were polite and attentive. These two cost me around 300 bucks.

Place           : Cream Stone
Location      : TTK Road, Alwarpet (Near Narada gana sabha)
Cuisine        : Cold stone ice creams
Cost            : Aprroximately 300 for two ppl.

P.S : The write up is based on personal experience only. Cream Stone Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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